5 Ways to Feel Better When You are Down

1. Cry

Tears indicate the body to discharge endorphins or "feel-better" hormones to show a feeling of calm and prosperity. It not only allows your body to discharge stress hormones but at the top of an honest cry, the body assumes a calmer state with a lower heart and breathing rate. Engage in beneficial crying. This is crying that permits you to release stress and bottled up emotions and doesn't interfere together with your daily functioning.

If you seem that your crying is interfering with your work or home life or you cannot control it or how often you cry, this may be an indication of a bigger problem, like depression or an anxiety-related condition. Consider seeing someone like a therapist or counselor who can encourage you methods to control crying that is interfering with your day by day working.

2. Take time to breathe deeply

Taking deep breaths can help you begin to feel better. Deep breathing enhances oxygen supply everywhere in the body, which can help to unwind muscles and decrease your blood pressure when you’re upset or stressed. Deep breathing produces a calming effect by activating your parasympathetic nervous system.

3. Keep moving

Always remember that most extenuating circumstances are temporary, don’t let life's changes throw you off track. Increase greater clarity by continuing through to the end and diverting your energy a privilege and positive way.

4. Trust yourself

Believe in yourself, no matter what, and you'll grow from the experience. Give yourself a brief period and have tolerance.

5. Become a friend of life

Remember that the world does not punish you. You do that to yourself. Learning to focus in another direction or on other opportunities can give you some perspective.