21 Factors that are stopping you from Being Productive

1. Poor time management will stop your productivity. Even if it is a few hours of working time, make it Count. Make it productive.

2. Avoid internet distractions like videos, music, and other media streaming links while you work. Try switching to a different browser for your work mode.

3. Avoid Social Media Distractions. Allocate specific time outside working hours.

4. Tedious/Monotonous Work will stop you from becoming productive. Interest and creativity are important for doing productive work.

5. Lack of Motivation lowers your productivity.

6. Too much pressure in any form will stop your productivity.

7. Unable to handle pressure, challenges and unexpected situations will stop your productivity.

8. If you don’t know what to do next, or if you don’t have any purpose, you develop disinterest. Eventually, you become less productive.

9. Fear, Anxiety, and Worrying stops productivity.

10. Poor work-life balance is an important reason for decreased productivity.

11. No Proper self-care like lack of sleep, physical activity, and mental wellness will stop you from being productive.

12. Cluttered Surroundings are distractions. Have de-cluttered, well-lit, clean surroundings.

13. Procrastination is among the foremost factor in decreasing performance and productivity.

14. Keep sharpening your skills. Enhance your talents. Keep moving forward. Staying at the same level stops you from giving your best.

15. Do one work at a time. Multitasking hinders your overall performance levels.

16. Micromanaging Habit creates unnecessary pressure leading to decreased productivity.

17. Lack of good Interpersonal Skills will not give the confidence you need to perform.

18. If you feel undermined, or unrecognized, you stop being productive.

19. Lack of Skill/talent and Knowledge will stop you from giving your best outputs.

20. Having unrealistic goals, results, and performance levels decrease productivity. Keep it simple and realistic.

21. Comparisons are productivity killers. Everyone has their own pace, and productivity levels.

10 Positive Factors that Increase your Productivity Levels

1. Self-Motivation:

Consider Productivity in two-ways. First, it’s about preparing yourself to do the work. The willpower to start any work is a way of becoming productive. Second, it is about how you execute the work with all your preparations. For both cases, you need self-motivation to make it work.

2. Doing What you Like:

If I like what I do, I don’t need any motivation from the outside to be productive and creative in my work. Meanwhile, if I don’t like what I do, even a little, I will not be productive enough.

3. Freedom:

Freedom increases productivity. With freedom, you will have more control over the work you do. Eventually, it leads to creative, responsible, and productive outputs.

4. Self-Satisfaction/Self-Content:

If you feel satisfied and content about the work you do, your productivity levels enhance.

5. Rewards:

The real productivity is in personal rewards that you fix to yourself. It helps in increasing your output levels in any work you do.

6. Goals:

Setting small goals or big goals will keep you focused. Goals will help you with what to do next. This clarity is essential to increase productivity.

7. Good Surroundings:

Cluttered, disoriented and uncomfortable spaces around you will decrease your interest in being productive.

8. Good Health:

Take care of your physical and mental health with no compromises. It’s essential for your productivity.

9. Being Happy:

If you are happy, you work better. If you like what you do, you work better. Stay positive and happy to be productive in life.

10. Self-Fixed Targets:

Fix self-targets. It will keep you productive and stay in the loop without deviating.

These 10 factors are important to boost your productivity levels. Develop Them.