13 External Factors and Strategies to Increase Workplace Productivity

1. Make Employees Feel Safe and Good:

Employees spend most of their time in the workplace. Make them feel like a family.

2. Don’t kill Employee Morales:

Don’t curtail their basic needs, break times, resources, and sorts in the name of bringing discipline and order. Killing employee morale in any way decreases workplace productivity.

3. No Favoritism in the Workplace:

It is an essential quality to be followed in the workplace to boost employee performance.

4. Celebrate little achievements too:

Appreciating little achievements and celebrating it gives a morale boost to employees. It helps them to stay productive in the workplace.

5. Give Clear Goals:

Don’t burden your workforce with unrealistic goals and deadlines.

6. Gamification Tactics:

It involves giving rewards, badges, ranking-points, challenges, etc. It makes employees stay enthusiastic and productive in the workplace.

Keep it positive and fun. Else, these tactics can become counterproductive.

7. Good Leadership:

Good leadership brings people together. It motivates people to become productive.

8. Reduce Stress:

Stress is unavoidable. But still, try providing a stress-free environment as much as you can to your employees.

9. Good workstations:

Provide comfortable, spacious, and convenient workstations to function and work in a relaxed manner.

10. Don’t Hover:

Employees don’t appreciate their managers/superiors to hover around them all the time. Give them their space. Your employees are adults who don’t need constant supervision like children.

Employees don’t welcome 'Helicopter Bosses'.

11. No Micromanaging:

Give freedom to your employees to express their working style. Don’t dictate work. Allow your employees to bring creativity. Give them the freedom to express themselves. It’s an important strategy to enhance workplace productivity.

12. Listen:

Hear your employees' concerns. Understand their problems.

13. Keep them engaged and Stay Active:

It’s important for workplace productivity.