Effect of social media on youth.

In present-day life, online life is growing quick. It is utilized by numerous individuals everywhere throughout the world. Internet-based life is famous among youth. Be that as it may, there are numerous youngsters who can't control themselves and are dependent with web-based networking media.

Online system administration effects:

At first, reliance by means of online systems administration media makes the immature have horrible assessments in considering. Because of web-based life, various understudies who were wonderful understudies have become awful understudies. Reliably, these understudies come to class, yet they don't focus on considering. While their teachers are educating, they are using cellphones to surf Facebook, Instagram, or talk with mates on Messenger. They, for the most part, check their cellphones at normal interims to see what's going on by means of online systems administration media.

Beside just blending, the casual associations have become edges for the corporate world to announce their items and undertakings. They may either do it honestly or pay renowned individuals to advance their things for them. Along these lines, online life offers an assortment of chances for youth. Popular adolescents can be enrolled by undertakings to be their picture representatives on the web.


An evaluation from a number of studies done by various scientists show that social isolation can cause a number of effects such as

· physical

· emotional

· mental

· psychological issues

This can, in turn, lead to

· Depression

· anxiety

· weakness

· poverty

· examination propensities

· living ceaselessly from the real world

· lawful wellbeing.


Electronic life is hazardous just if you misuse it. By limiting your usage of online life, you can keep away from experiencing the negative effects related to electronic life, and may even end up benefitting by it.

Tomorrow is a New Day. A New Start !


Finish every day and be done with it. You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you are looking to get through the day successfully and happily, take this quote straight.

People stress over getting all things in life to a perfect halt. They need everything to be perfect from dawn till dusk. In reality, there is no such perfection. Life itself looks beautiful with all its imperfections, flaws, the good and the bad.

Don’t look for perfection in your day. Instead, begin your day and end your day giving best of your efforts.

Let your day end peacefully.

All I can do is give the best of efforts, get as productive as I can to my knowledge and be done with the day. If there’s a mistake or blunder, I’ll have the chance to correct it tomorrow.

If I spend time remembering my blunders and mistakes, the beauty of the day gets ruined.

Think about the next day as a fresh start.

Wake up in high spirits and don’t let yesterday ruin your today.

Here’s a little secret for a good day and good life. Don’t stress over bad things, or unproductive days. You got your next day to set everything straight. Don’t worry over your ‘yesterday’. Don’t overthink about ‘tomorrow’. You have ‘Today’. Give your best and be done with it. Have a fresh start the next morning. Don’t overthink. Take your day as it is !
Self-Control is Strength ! Calmness is Mastery !


“Self-control is strength. Calmness is mastery. You have to get to the point where your mood doesn’t shift based on insignificant actions of someone else. Don’t allow others to control the direction of your life. Don’t allow your emotions to overpower your intelligence.”
- Unknown

The two powerful weapons you need in your life are Self-Control and Calmness. Master them both, you master the world. This quote rightly points it out.

Self-control is the true strength. Calmness is the true mastery one needs.

Calmness is truly a life-enhancing trait. Don’t take calmness as always being calm, or, not standing up for anything or not speaking or shutting people away.

We attribute calmness to five things.

Calmness is:
· Good head space free of negativities.
· Positive headspace filled with faith, good vibes, courage, kindness, respect and confidence.
· Good mental space that can ‘limit’ or even ‘be free’ from stress, agitations, unnecessary thoughts, overthinking and all other negativities.
· A sense of content, being grateful, appreciating life, and expressing gratitude shows how peaceful and calm you have become in life.
· Talking less and spending less on distractions and Working More

Self-control is in two ways:

The physical self-control is about taking care of your health, and your fitness. Exercising self-control over things or habits that bring damage to you physically is essential. A healthy body is your asset.

Mental Self-Control is about differentiating good and bad and staying away from the bad. It is also about staying away from negativities and not being part of any negativity.

Good Self-Control and a sense of Calmness will make you immune from their bad traits. Bring Self-Control. Bring Calmness. You will become impervious to other’s opinions, emotions, and all other negative external factors.

Get Hurt by TRUTH. Don't Comfort yourself with a LIE.


“Better to get Hurt but the Truth than comforted with a lie.”
- Khalid Hosseini

Truth gives freedom like no other. Truth sets you free.

For time being, lies can be comforting. When we know it’s a lie, it becomes even more devastating.

Truth takes a different form. For instance, pointing to your mistakes can make me look bad in front of you. But, people who comfort you with a lie are the ones you should be careful of in life.

Don’t comfort your life with a lie. Face everything in life with truth, even if it is bitter. This truth will not only set your heart free. It gives wonderful freedom of expression that can only be felt and not explained.

When you get hurt by the truth, you can get out of it real soon. Truth can give you a clean state free of all things that pressured you so far. When you keep comforting with a lie, you will always be under pressure and fear.

The lie can look even very good for some time. Look at the end. Somehow, in one way or another, the truth comes out. That’s the specialty of truth. It comes out, and you cannot hide it for long.

Truth is internal too. Be true to your emotions, dreams, goals, habits, behaviors and just about everything with you. Don’t comfort yourself with a lie. Your mind can take the lie, but your heart always knows what the truth is. It will never let you sleep.

By lying to yourself, you are not just hiding the truth. You are curtailing your freedom. You will be under some control.

Truth Hurts. That's okay. Get hurt with truth. It's fine. Never rely on a lie for solution. Don’t get comfort yourself with a lie.

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis

Don't look for a way out. Face It !
“When faced with a challenge, look for a way, not a way out”
– David Weatherford


In simple terms, give your best but don’t quit.

Only by facing, you can move on. If you are looking for a way out, maybe temporarily you can escape. But, unless you face the problem, deal with it, you will be restless.

You can match this quote in all aspects of our life.

If you are facing challenges and difficulties at work or with your business, just give it a pause. Think for a way to solve it. Come up with a solution. But don’t escape from the challenge. For time being, you might become relaxed and things can go normal. But it definitely keeps coming until you solve it.

If you are facing challenges in life, solve it. Instead, don’t look for a way out. Only by facing you can resolve any challenges waiting in front of you.

In pursuit of achieving your dreams, you will understand how essential it is in facing the challenge instead of looking for a way out.

Looking for a way out reveals insecurity, a lack of courage, and lack of confidence in oneself. If you are in pursuit of finding a way, a solution, it means you are confident, hopeful, and optimistic.

Next time, when there is a challenge before you, don’t turn your back. Face it. Find a Way. It’s exciting when you are facing a challenge. You will never know how good you are until there comes a challenge in life.

Try. That is enough.

Look for a way. Don’t look for a way out.

Optimism is the True Success Builder !


“It is the hopeful, buoyant, cheerful attitude of mind that wins. Optimism is a success builder. Pessimism is an achievement killer.”
- Orison Swett Marden

Optimistic people are a delight to be with. They stay happy, positive, cheerful and buoyant in life. Success becomes easy for them. Pessimistic people can even drag us into their negative space too.

We inspire positive people. The positive energy they exhibit is contagious to those who are around them. It exudes visibly. People feel light, happy and refreshed being with them. That is the power of optimistic and cheerful people.

What’s so special about optimistic people is that they look for the silver lining. They look towards hope. They believe in themselves. They try to stay cheerful to keep their spirit up in times of hardships. That is why optimistic people are a little extra than regular people.

Optimism is the true success builder irrespective of talents, skills, and goals. If there’s no positivity and cheer in you, how fast can you get up after failures? Think about it.

I can easily look at the negatives and find faults. I can easily quit.

But you know what is difficult? To 'keep going' and to 'stay positive'.

To keep the spirits up and stay cheerful is difficult. This is optimism. It’s true strength. It is what makes people strong.

Pessimistic people can easily drag people to their negative space. Stay away from people who look at everything in life with a negative shade.

This World is filled with optimistic and cheerful people. They are keeping this world alive. Let’s be cheerful and positive.

Meet Life's Challenges ! Great People are built that way !

“There are no great people in this world, only great challenges which ordinary people rise to meet.” - William Frederick Halsey, JR.

Look at all people who are sitting on top of life. They all are ordinary people who keep growing with every obstacle and challenge they meet. Like us, they all have a humble start in life. They became Extraordinary through facing great challenges their way.

The courage and confidence one gains in encountering challenges in life makes them stronger than the rest of the crowd.

Don’t be afraid of challenges. Build yourself physically and mentally to endure any size of challenges that life throws.

What makes people extraordinary from the rest is in two things.

First, they do what they like. They pursue their ideas and goals despite all hardships. They stand for themselves. They stand for the right. The second and foremost reason is, they are ready to meet any challenge that comes their way. The hardest and toughest challenge made them extraordinary.

People who are strong-willed and positive spirit overcome tests and trials in life. They emerge as extraordinary inspiring individuals.

One can keep quoting examples of successful people, achievers in different fields and record-setting sports people. What is the common thing among them all?

They are ordinary people like you and me. An exception is, they differ in two things. They endure the toughest challenge and come out. They rise step by step with every encounter they meet in life.

The story of amazing people who have accomplished so far in life tells one truth. They are ordinary people like us. But they keep pushing themselves and rising to meet life in all its glory.

The 'Tough' Gets Going when the Going gets Tough!
“Scar Tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the Strength, move on.”
- Henry Rollins

Struggles to strengthen me. It makes me realize my strong suit in life.

Stronger people are made from their scars in life.

Endurance towards life becomes real for those who were scarred from life’s past.

You probably have seen this visibly in life. People who have suffered in life will have different outlooks and perspectives about what true life is. When compared to those who are still in their happy bubble, the ones who fell out of the bubble become stronger.

Mentally Strong and highly driven people are not born. Life builds them. Solid foundation in their life is from troubles, challenges, and failures they met. They keep building and never stop.

Tough terrains and hard surfaces make the perfect driver, right? Life and people are the same. Tougher life gets the stronger you become like never.

When I say I wish for a happy, trouble-free life, it means I am definitely living in a bubble.

Life treats us all equally with challenges and rewards, the good and bad. The good makes us finer. The bad strengthens us.

The times we suffer and endure difficulties can seem forever to end for us. The Pain it causes can break us. Remember, this is where strong people are made. They go through everything with self-drive, faith, hope and vigor in life.

When I overcome everything, I become stronger and pain heals faster.

Scars in your life are medals that honor your endurance efforts, faith, and confidence you had on yourself.

Embrace that your scars are your real teachers in life.

You will come out stronger than titanium!

Achieve anything.jpg

Keep growing even if it's Slow


You are slowly growing but you are still growing and that is enough Unknown

My life has its own pace, and so does yours. Similarly, my growth in life is at a pace that could differ from yours. All that matters is to keep growing and keep going.

Keep running at the pace that you can. Never compare.

When you compare your life and its growth with others, the efforts you made so far become meaningless.

Do yourself a little favor. Stop comparing your life and your growth with others.

Keep growing at a pace that you can. Even if it is slow, you grow. Instead, don’t stay there. Don’t cut your growth in comparison with others.

One thing that makes us insecure is to see the other person’s growth and compare it to ours. You can inspire them. Learn how they made the growth possible. Instead, let’s not try to fit in their growth equation. If we do so, we are demeaning our life’s uniqueness.

So, what is the growth that we are talking about?

Take it in two ways.

First, growth is about securing ‘yourself’ in terms of your work, business, finances, commitments, basic needs, and sorts. Practically, they are all our necessities. Gradually we can grow here.

Second, growth is about enhancing yourself as a person and enhancing your morale. Keep enhancing the good. And keep walking away as far as you can from all the things that bring you down. But here you can grow as fast as you can.

Life gets its meaning when you define your growth in your own terms. Keep growing even if it is slow!