Some experts researching this area suggest the Pomodoro technique for effective task accomplishment. This method teaches you how to focus on one thing at a time and then go to the next task.

For example: Assume as a student of Science at high school, you have to revise three subjects — Physics, Chemistry, and Math before an exam the next day; you can adopt the Pomodoro technique in the following manner…

  • take up one subject first, say Physics, and revise for 25 minutes
  • Next, take a short break – give-in to your distractions/ rest/plan the next move
  • Then take up the next subject, say Chemistry, and revise for the next 25 minutes
  • Take another short break
  • Finally, revise the last subject for the next 25 minutes

Plan what you need to revise in the allotted 25 minutes and try to complete that plan within the time slot.

This way, you can focus and concentrate on all the tasks you need to complete taking just a short period to achieve more results.


“Success at anything will always come down to this: focus and effort. And we control both”. – The Rock

To become a champion in your set field, practice mindfulness.

  • Focus on your surroundings
  • Let your thoughts and emotions directed towards positivity
  • Eat, work and sleep mindfully
  • Mediate and reap benefits of it such as inner peace, inspiration and additional energy

Mindfulness helps to improve concentration while

  • Became aware that your body needs to achieve success
  • Appreciate your surroundings and even competitors
  • Accept situations and not be bogged down by extreme