6 Major Types of Procrastinators

Type 1: The Over-Doer’s

They will have too much on their plate for one of the two reasons; they don’t want to say ‘No’ and want to please people. Or, they overestimate themselves in accomplishing so much. The Over-Doer’s don’t know how to and where to set boundaries. They end up finding no time to finish tasks.

Type 2: The Last-Minute Hoarders

The last-minute people like to do things last-minute. They enjoy the rush. They feel they work well under pressure. They feel like the tasks will be boring and only becomes exciting when done last minute. It’s not as cool as it sounds in reality. Last-minutes are real pressure for productivity.

Type 3: The Rebels

Rebels or Defier’s are procrastinators who don’t like people saying them to work. They don’t like to be ordered or controlled by others. Most importantly, rebels don’t appreciate the expectations, deadlines, and conditions. They liked to be left with themselves when it comes to starting and completing the tasks. Rebels start procrastinating when they feel like “They are making me do this”.

Type 4: The Perfectionists

Perfectionists keep paying attention to too many details that they will peak the procrastination levels. Perfectionists will be afraid to start a task because they want everything to be perfect until the last detail. Practically, it’s not always possible because we can only control what we can. Next, after starting, perfectionists will worry about “How am I going to fulfill the expectations?”. Besides, it scares them to move on after starting a task. Perfectionists neither start nor finish.

Type 5: The Avoiders

Avoiders procrastinate because they feel like “I better do nothing than do something and getting embarrassed and judged” for mistakes.

Type 6: Anxious-Induced Procrastinators

Fear and ‘What if’ are the two fundamental reasons for their tendency to procrastinate.