How to Be Self Motivated


1. Find the ‘One Thing’ that motivates you:

It can be your family, Kids, promotion, business, etc. It varies from each one of us.

For example: For Artists, to put their artwork in a particular art-museum could be the ‘One Thing’ that motivates them. To Parents, their Kid’s education could be that ‘One Thing’. For Travellers, there could be one specific place in the world. Everyone will have that one specific thing. It drives and motivates them. Find that ‘One thing’. It automatically motivates you to work on it.

2. End-Results are Good Motivators:

Look at the end result. Imagine how things will be when you finish what you started amidst all challenges. Knowing the reasons why you are doing things will help you stay motivated in the long-life run.

3. Demotivation Motivates People:

We can see people who have achieved great things after met with humiliations, disrespect, and embarrassments. Demotivating people and their speeches have made people realize their potential. People will be determined to prove them wrong. Disrespect, Demotivation, and humiliation are life’s biggest driving factors for people to stay motivated and achieve their goals.

4. Remind yourself about ‘Why You Have Started’:

Every time you feel down, think of why you have started doing things. The wonderful reason that made you start your work will again motivate you to continue further. Whenever met with failures and difficulties don’t forget to remember why you started. Kindle the inner strength and spirit through self-motivation.

5. Self-Respect is a way of Self-Motivation:

Self motivations take many forms. One such exceptional way of self-motivation is having self-respect. It’s an essential life requirement. People go astray in crossing the line of self-respect often leading the way to arrogance. Respect yourself. At the same time, be watchful in never crossing the line to arrogance.

4 Smart and Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself


1. Don’t Spread Hatred:

Maintain a boundary when it comes to social media. It’s what the people take as a stage to spread all things negative these days. It impacts and influences many people adversely. Don’t be the person spreading hatred in it. “Stop Spreading Negativity”, this is an excellent form of self-motivation you need in life.

Be the person who doesn’t spread negativity in any way. It can be in any way like demotivating people, bad-mouthing or gossiping, spreading rumors, wishing to people bad things, criticizing, putting them in embarrassing situations, being irresponsible, etc. Don’t spread hatred. It makes you a highly motivated individual that people look up to.

2. Retrospection:

To retrospect, yourself is a great way to stay motivated to your own self. Retrospection paves way for understanding your good and bad qualities, past mistakes, past successes & failures, and personal improvement.

Retrospection triggers happy memories in the brain especially when it is about childhood or other happy times you had. Retrospect yourself. It is essential to keep yourself driven and motivated.

3. Take Breaks:

We need short breaks to refresh and rejuvenate ourselves. Take short breaks while you are working in the office. Same way, take a short break and spend it for family amidst all other busy things in life.

Taking short breaks whenever possible helps to stay motivated in their life. We can see many people who do things they like by taking short breaks from their careers even.

4. Follow you Passion:

There’s no better Self-Motivation than following your passion. The things you are passionate about bring a high level of self-motivation.

Follow your passion at some point in life. The idea you are passionate about can bring all the motivation you need.

Types of Extrinsic Motivation: Understanding External Incentives


Explore the 4 types of extrinsic motivation and understand how external incentives influence behavior. Learn strategies for leveraging external rewards effectively.

1. External Regulation:

It’s like an intentional behavior or activity but controlled by external sources or factors. For example, We can see parents telling kids about the rewards they will get after getting specific grades. Intentionally you do the studying as you want to. But, mostly, your studying will be controlled by the rewards waiting for you.

2. Introjected Regulation:

You do it under internal pressure. It could be due to false ego, self-esteem issues, guilt, worry, peer appreciations, approval, validation, and sorts. People do it under an obligation and not because they want to. People know that they have chosen it intentionally to do. Yet, it is not a choice of self-intent.

3. Regulation through Identification:

It’s a more positive side of extrinsic motivation. It’s like people do things by believing in goodwill.

For Example, Consider a Student.

A) The student will have a conscious decision to go to college. It’s like a self-selected goal. It motivates them to study hard and get grades. They do it intentionally but with an external motivating factor.

B) A major difference here. ‘I want to go to college’ is different. ‘I want to go to college as everyone’s going’ is different. The former is regulation through identification.

4. Integrated Regulation:

It’s a wonderful type of motivation. Here, the person will self-reflect, understand the reason, and see if it matches their values and needs. Finally, they take action. Though it is a confident decision, an individual runs through all options and external factors. It influences them.

Extrinsic Motivation Facts: Understanding External Incentives


Discover facts about extrinsic motivation and the role of external incentives in driving behavior. Explore how rewards and recognition influence performance.

Is extrinsic motivation totally bad? No. It has some positive sides, too. Here are:

        11 facts about Extrinsic Motivation:

        1.) Things will not be under your control to process it.

        2.) When you are extrinsically motivated, you end up doing things that will not give you a feeling of content.

        3.) You will find more restrictions and coercion.

        4.) External factors could change. At some point, you will feel like stopping it or quitting it. But, when you are genuinely motivated, you keep going longer.

        5.) Peoples stop performing when they don’t find enough rewards.

        6.) In some cases, when there are no impactful results or if they don’t care about it anymore, people stop.

        7.) Extrinsic motivation will not guarantee a solid success for a long time.

        8.) Extrinsic Motivation works well under business establishments.

        9.) Thought it solely requires intrinsic motivation, some areas could use extrinsic motivating factors too. For Example Sports, Education, Studying, Job, Fitness, and sometimes even in healthy people, we could use some extrinsic motivation.

        10.) If Extrinsic Motivating factors are more appreciative, positive, helpful, and supportive, people can be very well produced.

        11.) Extrinsic motivation could be fruitful when combined i.e., Giving rewards in addition to making people feel like ‘it’s worth it’ is a wonderful strategy.

        Though extrinsic motivation has some downsides, it can be productive when used rightly.

        "The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis

        6 Major Factors that Trigger Extrinsic Motivation


        Let’s see what triggers and drives people toward Extrinsic Motivation.

        1. Rewards:

        The thought of getting the reward will drive people towards working on it. Even little rewards could motivate people to do better the next time. The reward is a great method of extrinsic motivation when used positively. It can show a good impact.

        2. Money:

        Financial perks, fancy allowances, bonuses, increments are few important mentions here. It motivates people.

        3. Fear:

        Fear is a great motivator. Especially when it comes to fear of losing, people are highly driven.

        4. End Results:

        When it comes to Extrinsic Type of Motivation, the nature of results plays an important role. Results can be in any form like punishments, a decline of personal regards, bad performance reviews, negative feedback, loss of control, poor outcomes, loss of trust, people’s opinions, disapproval, disconnect, etc. they all have a considerable impact over people.

        5. Praise:

        We can see people around us who do things or work for the sake of gaining attention, being in the limelight, and for the praise. They are extrinsic motivation factors we see every day right before our eyes.

        6. Power:

        The next in line for money is power. It’s a big extrinsic motivator. The feeling of exercising power, control, and management motivates people. When taken over a certain extent, Power Motivation is always an unproductive method. Exercising control and power in your own life and practices can lead to a better outcome.

        These are the core categories that cover all external factors that trigger extrinsic motivation in people. The factors could either go straight or go sideways depending upon how you and I take it.

        What Is Extrinsic Motivation?


        Extrinsic Motivation is when you do things that are compelled, driven, and affected by external factors. An individual performs particular action or exhibits a behavior because the individual is affected by external factors.

        I can explain the Extrinsic Motivation in two different scenarios for you.

        For Instance, Take

        Scenario 1:

        On the inside, you might not be enjoying it. On the outside, you have no other way but to do the thing.

        Ex: Studying.

        You might not enjoy doing it. But, due to external factors like minimum percentage of grades needed, facing parents, facing peers, any rewards, any academic compulsions, or for getting more allowances, etc. you study.

        Take Scenario 2

        You know that it is good and beneficial to do. Still, you hesitate. You will not be motivated internally to do it. It takes some external factors to make you do it.

        Ex: Getting into College

        I understand that I want to get into college. I can realize that a college education is good. But, to study more and get high grades or scores can be demotivating or hesitant to do. Studying can be like a mountain to climb. Yet, for the sake of college education benefits, we pull ourselves together and do it.

        I hope you find it easy to relate because you and I go through this phase every day in the life.

        2 Types of Intrinsic Motivation


        1. Achievement Motivation:

        In simple terms, let’s say that you will be driven towards achieving a goal, a specific task, to get a sense of achievement/completion of tasks and sorts. No money or rewards as a motivation here for you. Purely driven by accomplishing, reaching, and completing the work, you will have the ‘Achievement Motivation.’ If you have ‘achievement motivation’ you will concentrate more on doing things better instead of results or any kind of reward.

        2. Psychological Motivation:

        It’s an unexplainable feeling that comes internally. It motivates us to do things. Later, we would wonder about how we did it or why we did it. Have you have experienced this feeling? If the answer is Yes, then it’s a way of intrinsic psychological motivation. There’s no scientific explanation for it.

        Exploring Intrinsic Motivation: 4 Types to Harness


        Explore the 4 types of intrinsic motivation and learn how to harness them for personal and professional success. Cultivate passion and purpose in your pursuits.

        1. Creative Motivation:

        It’s a desire to express yourself. Creativity is a very compelling internal feeling. Creative people don’t mind about wanting other people to see or the world to see.

        They are motivated to let things out, which are in their mind and heart. For instance, creative motivation can be like starting their own business, applying technologies in different fields, start writing a novel, creative themed blog, story writing, learning new musical instruments, etc.

        2. Competence Motivation:

        As I mentioned earlier, the sense of competence, if taken positively, can bring a wonderful self-motivation. People who are under ‘competence motivation’ will continuously look for getting better. They keep challenging themselves; they learn from their mistakes; they retrospect and compete.

        Towards achieving their goal, competence motivation is what people exhibit in them. Another way of competence motivation is with others i.e., with their peers. On a positive note, competence with peers can help them better.

        3. Learning/Exploring Motivation:

        Learning keeps us going. The need to learn, need to explore is a wonderful intrinsic motivation in people. The ‘Exploring motivation’ will make people look for new things and see new perspectives.

        4. Attitude Motivation:

        It’s more inclined towards social status and behavior. People under ‘Attitude Motivation’ work on making people around them feel good. In simple terms, the term attitude motivation is “good intention.” Making people feel good brings joy, and a wonderful feel to you. That’s why you are motivated to do more.

        A healthy workplace.jpg

        4 Factors that Promote Intrinsic Motivation


        1. Independence/Autonomy

        The ‘will’ to be independent, freedom in their mind space, and to express them triggers a good motivation. Sense of freedom and autonomy in what they do and what they want motivates people intrinsically.

        2. Unexplained Desire

        We do things that we cannot explain why we did. Unexplained desire to do it sometimes will motivate us. It could go positively or end up hurting somebody. Either way, the many feeling comes at times.

        3. The sense of ‘I CAN.’

        It’s another chief factor that triggers intrinsic motivation greatly.

        4. Healthy Competence with Peers

        It’s a common factor prevailing among almost everyone. Having a healthy competition or considering a healthy skill competence within peers, people are motivated.

        7 Factors that Promote Intrinsic Motivation


        1. Curiosity

        We have heard the famous quote that says ‘curiosity is the mother of all invention.’ The same goes here too.

        The curiousness

        To learn new things.

        To build skills.

        To see what it is.

        To know how it works.

        To explore new probabilities.

        To look for Possibilities.

        To reach new heights.

        To change existing things.

        To try different things.

        The above are few of the ‘curious factors’ that occurs naturally in individuals. Eventually, it brings an intrinsic motivation in them.

        2. Passion

        The underlying ‘Passion’ is what motivated every successful people today during their early times of struggle. Passion is something that occurs naturally. It helps to move us towards achieving goals. Passion is the most important factor that brings intrinsic motivation in people.

        3. Honor

        For the sake of honor, pride, and will to positively impact people has motivated people to do things. No external factors come other than the sense of pride and honor.

        4. Self-Improvement

        People who keep challenging themselves and improving themselves are intrinsically motivated.

        5. Success

        Success is a great motivator for everyone. That, too, visualizing the success will help people run forward with enthusiasm.

        6. Sense of Achievement

        The desire to achieve something, even if it’s little, is a wonderful intrinsic motivation. A sense of achievement prior and after will trigger a lasting motivation in people.

        7. Stability

        To achieve ‘stability is life’ is a great self-motivator to you and me without a doubt. It’s essential for us too. Balancing life and working towards your passion needs a stable ground. As a result, we become intrinsically motivated to work on getting that stability.

        The Goodness of Intrinsic Motivation


        Here are ten advantages and facts about Intrinsic Motivation and how it is impactful in everyone’s life every day.

        1. Intrinsic Motivation is the true natural form of motivation for people. Things that you do it for yourself have more success rate than things you do it for others or due to pressure.

        2. Intrinsic Motivation lasts longer. It’s not temporary. Those who are intrinsically motivated will always stay awake in pursuit of what they wanted to do.

        3. It often leads to a high level of success. It is because work you enjoy doing will motivate and inspire you to reach heights.

        4. Regardless of the Positive and Negative side, intrinsic motivation stays longer in individuals. The desire keeps motivating them.

        5. Intrinsic Motivation is within your Control. It’s a notable factor here.

        6. If a person is intrinsically motivated, they tend to ‘Not Give Up’ soon. They keep trying.

        7. Intrinsic motivation caters creativity.

        8. People are more persistent when they are internally motivated.

        9. Personal commitment is high with intrinsic motivation.

        10. Over justification, Effect is another psychological term. It’s related to intrinsic motivation. It means that when a person is intrinsically motivated to do the work, they don’t expect any rewards or accolades. But, if you apply some extrinsic rewards, it tends to decrease their intrinsic motivation.

        I hope you could have got some ideas by now about the intrinsic type of motivation.

        11 Major Factors that trigger Intrinsic Motivation


        11 Major Factors that trigger Intrinsic Motivation in Individuals:

          1. Curiosity

            2. Passion

              3. Honor

                4. Self-Improvement

                  5. Success

                    6. Sense of Achievement

                      7. Stability

                        8. Independence/Autonomy

                          9. Unexplained Desire

                            10. The sense of ‘I CAN.’

                              11. Healthy Competence with Peers

                              Take action today.jpg

                              5 Ways To Motivate Yourself When You Feel Demotivated


                              1. Long Walk:

                              It’s being said that a solo long walk can have the ability to make people think good things and let go of tensions. Same way, going on jogs, a quick run, gym, and workouts are good for people to stay positive which in turn brings good self-motivation.

                              2. Do Things Your Way:

                              People like to do things their own way which makes them stay motivated as well as have fun. Doing things their own way gives the freedom that motivates people to do better and improve.

                              3. Shopping:

                              Buying things they like is a form of self-motivation for people. It motivates people in to being a happy person. We can see people saving money to buy things they have wanted to buy for long. We can see people doing some shopping as a way to divert negative feelings. It motivates them to look at better things. People take shopping as a fun way of motivating themselves when they are upset.

                              4. Writing:

                              Another best way to stay motivated is through writing. Writing has helped many people to divert their negative emotions in a positive way. Blogging is another wonderful way to stay driven. Bloggers have short-long goals of their won in the blogging space which helps them stay motivated. Blog writing has helped many people to stay motivated.

                              5. Alone Time:

                              Alone time is the best time for an individual to analyze life and gain good perspectives. Take your alone-time as the best of times in life your to do things that motivate you. Being alone triggers the need for staying motivated to achieve positive things in life.

                              4 easy ways to motivate yourself


                              1. Gratitude:

                              Another easy way to self-motivate is through Gratitude. Gratitude will make you feel less as more. Gratitude brings a sense of content that can never be achieved otherwise. When faced with the biggest difficulties in life, look for a silver lining through gratitude. We can see motivated people practicing gratitude even on a daily basis. In Waking up to ending the day, gratitude plays a huge impact on staying inspired and motivated in a person’s life.

                              2. Give Up the Fear that Holds You:

                              The same fear that motivates people also thwarts all good things to people. Fear hinders individuals from taking even good risks for the betterment. The fear masks motivations. It takes away all the good qualities you have from getting the limelight. Self-motivation begins the day you are willing to let go of fear.

                              3. Loyal and trusted people in life:

                              It can be your life partner, a friend or any of your family members. During your difficult time, the trusted person in your life can play a significant role in making you stay motivated. Moreover, having hearty conversations and letting your feelings out is essential. Loyal & Trusted people in your life are always good motivators.

                              4. Inspiring Speeches:

                              Listening to inspiring speeches have always been a self-motivating factor for many people. Try listening to inspiring speeches from people from all walks of life. Failure stories are equally important to success stories. Hear inspiring messages and speeches to gain motivation. Listen to what people have taken as motivating factors in their life during the speeches.

                              How To Motivate Yourself – Self Motivation


                              1. Fitness and Health:

                              Good Health is an excellent way to stay self-motivated. Similarly, Fitness is becoming a big inspiration and Self-Motivations for people. Good health is about being good physically and mentally. It has an impact on an individual’s performance. Steps to practicing good health in your life are a good way to drive you towards positive changes in life.

                              2. Bucket Lists:

                              The bucket lists are a great way to stay self-motivated. It keeps you awake in terms of finding ways to achieve things that you mentioned in the list. We can see people working hard and saving money to start own business. People save money to buy things or travel to places they noted in bucket lists. We can see a personality bucket list where people note down things or behaviors they want to change or follow. Prepare a bucket list for yourself. It can have anything that you wish to achieve. Work towards it. Self-motivation comes naturally here.

                              3. Doing Things you like the most:

                              Some people do things they like the most in order to feel good and positive. It’s another form of staying motivated. Do things you like. People do cycling, trekking, gym sessions, long drives, short trips, reading, etc. It motivates them in feeling positive and uplifting.

                              4. Good Music & Lyrics:

                              Oftentimes, people find good music and powerful inspiring lyrics as an intense way to self-motivate themselves. There’s no denying the fact that a piece of good music impacts people in a positive way. It motivates them. Whereas, when it comes to good lyrics, people try to inspire and practice it in their life.

                              5. Keep Smiling:

                              Smiling is a way of exerting a positive vibe. Smiling motivates people to bring a positive vibe and a sense of comfort. Don’t forget to keep smiling.

                              4 Ways to Find Inspiration


                              1. Inspirational Quotes:

                              You can opt for daily reminders of positive quotes. Inspirational quotes, sayings, and understandings from experienced people around you will help you stay motivated.

                              2. Good Books:

                              Books and the habit of reading have helped many people stay motivated during challenging times of their life. Books about Self-Help and life experiences will help people understand the way of leading life and situations. Not just self-help books, but any books and a reading habit will help improve your mindset in a positive way. It’s another form of self-motivation.

                              3. Self-Rewards & Self-Appreciations are Self-Motivators:

                              It’s interesting to see people rewarding themselves with little things or treating themselves when they did something. It does not have to be significant, simply reward yourself when you have achieved. For instance, if you have set the idea of waking early for a week, then do it. If you have successfully completed the task reward yourself with little things. If not succeeded, appreciate yourself for trying and make it to the end next time. A way of self-rewards and self-motivators are great ways to self-motivate yourself!

                              4. Courage:

                              Courage motivates people to an extent where all they see is success and positivity. We can all remember the impact of a famous word which says that ‘all it takes is a few seconds of insane courage to do great things or start good things in life’. One cannot find the biggest motivation is there’s no courage in them.

                              Patience is key.jpg

                              4 Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself


                              1. Learn from Less Fortunate People:

                              There are millions of people who are less fortunate than you. Learn from them. Learn how they live with what they have and appreciate what they have. It is the best way to stay grounded and yet stay self-motivated. It helps you look at the bright side of your life during troubles and difficulties in life.

                              2. Follow What’s Right:

                              Doing things that feel right to you is a wonderful form of self-motivation. First, one should understand the difference between what’s actually right and what’s right to them. To do a genuine thing that feels right is one of the effective ways to self-motivate yourself!

                              3. Have a Hobby:

                              It can be writing, painting, artworks, art journaling, collecting things, doodling, and such others. During your tough times in life, one of the best ways to self-motivate yourself is to follow a good hobby. Diverted time towards doing the hobby puts your troubling mind to peace. A pleasant and creative hobby is an excellent self-motivator.

                              4. Fear:

                              The fear is the biggest self-motivator. We mean it in a positive way i.e.

                              Fear of Failures

                              Fear of Losing your Loved Ones

                              Fear of losing your Credentials, Credibility, and Goodwill

                              Fear of how things you do impact others

                              They are good self-motivators for everyone. People motivate themselves in order to overcome their fear. Fear motivates people to do good things as well as bad things. Don’t cross the line where you can utterly feel how fear is making you do bad things. Stop there. In practice, fear has always been a motivator in one way or another, which we cannot deny.

                              how to get and stay motivated


                              1. Look what it does or did to People:

                              The best way to self-motivate yourself is to look at what things have done to people or doing to people around you. To explain it clearly here’s an example: See what anger does to people. Observe what happens when people stay positive.

                              Observe what negative behavior does to people. If you are at work, look at bead influencers and see what they are doing to people. See what tough life challenges have made people become. Look at how people bounce back. These are the best ways to learn things and stay motivated.

                              2. See What Path the People Have Travelled and Learn from It:

                              It applies to every walk of life. To learn from people is a good way to stay motivated. See what paths people have traveled in life. Take for example the story of running a Business. Few succeed while few stay back. You can take two situations here to learn.

                              Learn what path people traveled to reach success. In the same way, learn from the path that showed failures. Both are important. It applies to personal life as well. Learn from people and see what path they have taken to lead a good life. Stay motivated.

                              3. Bring People like you:

                              If you are in a challenging phase of your life, don’t worry. There are tons of people around you going through troubles and challenges in life. Bring people like you if you get a chance to meet. Be supportive of them so that you become motivated to do better and help them better. Being supportive of one another in times of bad is a good way to stay motivated!

                              How to motivate yourself: 3 easy tricks backed by science


                              1. Step Out of your Comfort Zone:

                              If you want an effective way to self-motivate yourself, then move out of your comfort zone. Be willing to do things that make you come out of your own safe circle. The awaiting challenges ahead are the best ways to stay motivated. It helps you stay driven towards achieving any goal. Also, the idea to step outside your comfort zone and try new things itself is a form of self-motivation.

                              2. Failures:

                              Failures are the best Self-Motivators. True life lessons are learned during our failure times. Every failure gives you a lesson that no mentor can teach you. Disappointments and Letdowns are good teachers. To almost everyone, failures and disappointments will be the first reason to start being self-motivated.

                              3. Be clear in what you are going to do:

                              If you are clear about what you are going to do next, you automatically look for motivation or inspiration. You will automatically look for ways to self-motivate yourself in order to achieve what you have in mind. But first, be clear about your plans and what you are going to do next.

                              The main purpose here is, if you are unclear about what you are going to do next, it will become difficult for you to stay driven and motivated. Take your time. You will eventually come to a point where you will know what to do next in life.

                              4 Ways to Find Motivation Right Now


                              1.) Self-evaluation:

                              Analyze yourself every week or every month. Look who you were in the past and see if you have improved. In terms of personal behaviors, self-evaluation is the key to stay motivated to yourself. The more you improve your behavior the more changes you can see in yourself. An individual will feel highly self-motivated if he/she does self-evaluation from time to time and see good results in their behavior.

                              2.) See where Things are Going Down:

                              Look where you are going wrong. Look in the past and learn where you went wrong but dwell in it. Furthermore, look around you in terms of work-life, personal-life, and social life. See where you are going down. Observe things that make you feel downhearted. To stay motivated you need to first learn things that are bringing you down. Only then, you can start building you up.

                              3.) Little Improvements:

                              Observe how you do things, just little things. Starting from how you leave your room, how you fold your clothes, etc. There is always room for improvement. For instance, a cleanroom has a positive impact whereas a distorted unclean room gives a lazy impact. By observing how you do things you can bring a lot of enhancements in you. It keeps you easily self-motivated to yourself. In short, you are doing things better than the previous ways. You are driving yourself for the better.

                              4.) Your Skillset:

                              Your skills are good self-motivators. Skillset will always demand constant learning and improvements. It needs constant practice and enhancements. In this way, you can easily feel self-motivated in order to develop your skills. We can see that people who have specific skillsets will always be self-motivated.

                              Assume situations.jpg