How to Find Your Life Goals? 5 perspectives you need to look into!

1. Things you want:

There’s a popular saying that says “charity begins at home”. The same goes here. Your first step in finding your life goals is to accomplish “basic things you want” to survive in the world. You need a good place, good food, some money, education, and skills to survive. During the initial stages of life, these are the things that become life-goals for people. Once it’s done, people focus on the next.

2. Things that make you happy:

Your dream startup, building a family, owning a house, focusing on sports, traveling, exploring new areas in work, pursuing your hobbies are few examples that make people happy. The reason is, they are all intrinsically motivated goals and interests. It stays in their mind despite a good job and a good life. And when our basic life-goals are met, our brains keep kindling such passion projects and personal interests.

3. Things that bring out your skills and talents:

Education, Skills, and knowledge have been a big part of life-goals for almost everyone. These types of life goals will guide you where you want to go in life. Getting a double major, pursue your research further, etc. could be the life-goals that bring out the talents and skill in you.

4. Things that can help you “Give”:

The best part of setting life-goals is, it can help others as it helps you. Giving is not just about money. You can give respect, forgiveness, positivity, kindness, and support to people around you.

5. How are you growing?

Growing here is in four steps. Based on these 4 steps, you can shape your life-goals.

  1. What do you want

  2. What plans you have to achieve them.

  3. How to start executing the plans.

  4. How am I progressing