1.) Your Surroundings:

Make your surroundings a happy place. Decorate your living space and workspace with inspiring messages, inspiring words and quotes wall posters to keep Reminding yourself. Keep your surrounding a de-cluttered and inspiring place to you. Have good books, movies, music and things you like around you. Your surroundings are an easy way to self-motivate.

2.) Self-Motivation is “You”:

The true meaning of Self-Motivation comes from you. Every time you feel like “I need to change this”, “I need to come out of it”, “I need to achieve this”, they become a form of self-motivations within you. In the end, all the external factors that you need for motivation goes void if it is not ‘You’. Unless you want to do it there can be no external things good enough to motivate you.


1. Don’t Spread Hatred:

Maintain a boundary when it comes to social media. It’s what the people take as a stage to spread all things negative these days. It impacts and influences many people adversely. Don’t be the person spreading hatred in it. “Stop Spreading Negativity”, this is an excellent form of self-motivation you need in life.

Be the person who doesn’t spread negativity in any way. It can be in any way like demotivating people, bad-mouthing or gossiping, spreading rumors, wishing to people bad things, criticizing, putting them in embarrassing situations, being irresponsible, etc. Don’t spread hatred. It makes you a highly motivated individual that people look up to.

2. Retrospection:

To retrospect, yourself is a great way to stay motivated to your own self. Retrospection paves way for understanding your good and bad qualities, past mistakes, past successes & failures, and personal improvement.

Retrospection triggers happy memories in the brain especially when it is about childhood or other happy times you had. Retrospect yourself. It is essential to keep yourself driven and motivated.

3. Take Breaks:

We need short breaks to refresh and rejuvenate ourselves. Take short breaks while you are working in the office. Same way, take a short break and spend it for family amidst all other busy things in life.

Taking short breaks whenever possible helps to stay motivated in their life. We can see many people who do things they like by taking short breaks from their careers even.

4. Follow you Passion:

There’s no better Self-Motivation than following your passion. The things you are passionate about bring a high level of self-motivation.

Follow your passion at some point in life. The idea you are passionate about can bring all the motivation you need.


The answer to this question is GOALS!

Don’t find motivation from the outer source as this can be temporary. You can get motivation by just exploring your goals more and more. Know about your goals as much as you can.

The outer sources of motivation will just boost your willpower but later it will fade. Motivation lasts only for 2-3 days only. To stay motivated for a longer period you just have to know about what kind of life you want.

Know the thing which is a must for you to do! Explore as much information as you can and you will stay motivated towards it for a longer period. Know about what are the things you need to do to achieve it and you will come to know what can motivate you.

Motivation comes from your goals and the sources just boost your willpower and efficiency that is!


To find motivation and purpose in life, you need to first make a mind to change your life. Be ready to give up all your laziness and all your excuses you have made.

These are the ways which will give you the purpose in life:

• Your mind and meditate for at least 2 minutes.

• Think about what you exactly want in your life and note it down.

• Goals may change with time, so initially, just keep it simple and realistic.

• To add purpose in your life, wake up early in Clear the morning.

• Have a walk and exercise so you can remain refreshed all day.

• You will get motivation by knowing about your goals and some external sources.

These are some tricks that will add purpose and motivation in your life. These are the initial steps. If you are serious about it, then start from these tips, and after mastering this, you will level up your dreams.

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis