What are your Favorite Productivity Tricks and Habits?

1. Two ‘Quick-Wins’:

Before I go to sleep, I’ll clean the places where I cook and eat. As soon as I wake up, I make my bed. These two things are my favorite habits that give me a productive start.

2. Quick Walk:

Whenever I feel laziness, lethargy, and no-focus, I stop my work. I take a quick walk. I stand for some time near the trees. I will come back and resume my work. A brief walk is my quick fix for good productivity. Try it!

3. Scrabble:

If I feel un-creative and demotivated, I’ll begin playing the scrabble-game with a target score all by myself. It brings mental refreshment. It clears my mind of sluggishness, and I become calm. It’s another favorite productivity hack I follow. I resume working with enthusiasm. Try it!

4. Nap/Sleep:

There’s a famous phrase called “Sleep on it”. It’s true. After a good nap/sleep, you become focused. You will start concentrating on 'awaiting-tasks' instead of 'unnecessary things'.

Sleep is a good brain function booster.

5. Sticky-Notes on Laptop:

When I close the day’s work, I write important tasks and commitments that I have for the following day. I stick them inside my laptop. When I work the next day, I know where to start. I become productive easily. With sticky-notes colorfully reminding tasks in front of me, I don’t get distracted often. I work until I clear half the sticky-notes. I take a long break and resume my work.

6. Early-Bird:

Waking up early is another productivity hack I follow. I have two to three extra hours to plan for the day, to spend time on fitness and, to do productive works.

Lastly, be honest about what you can do and what you can't. It helps in overcoming your flaws. Honesty in any work is important for productivity.