3 Ways to Become an Awesome Creative Entrepreneur


Have a good work-life balance

A good work-life balance is one of the most important aspects of being successful but it is often taken for granted. A good work-life balance gives you an overall sense of well being and peace. A good work-life balance means you can manage both your personal and professional life without neglecting any one of them.

Be passionate about your project

When you are passionate about what you do, everything will feel like a hobby. Entrepreneurs who are extremely passionate about their work are more likely to succeed. Being passionate about your work gives you the much-needed energy to overcome obstacles and put your best foot forward.

Keep learning

Finally, you must keep learning. Being a creative entrepreneur is a process that never really ends. You must keep learning new techniques and strategies to grow in your respective field. You can attend seminars, courses, videos, read books or attend entrepreneurial conferences to gain more knowledge about your field.

Resourcefulness and Creativity: Keys to Innovation


Learn how resourcefulness and creativity drive innovation. Learn to harness your ingenuity and adaptability to solve problems creatively.


Resourcefulness is a prime quality for creative individuals. Resourcefulness is the ability to make something out of what is present. People who are naturally resourceful tend to pick up on the cues available in their present environment. Then, they mold these cues into creative works.

The ability to be resourceful eventually leads to a better quality of life both in terms of survival as well as making something creative out of available materials.

Lack of doubt

One of the key aspects of creativity is the lack of doubt in an individual’s mind. An individual who doubts himself or herself tends to spend a lot of time second-guessing their creation. This creates a negative impression in their mind.

Carrying around this perspective of pessimism tends to hinder creativity. If you are constantly clouded by thoughts of doubt, there is little to no place in your mind for creative ideas.

That is why, every time you have these sort of self-doubts regarding your creations, you can remind yourself what these cost you and aim to replace them with better thoughts that have the ability to better serve you.

Curiosity and creativity


Curiosity is the main component of creativity. Curious people have a thirst for knowledge and hence move forward to learn more things as compared to people who are not curious in nature. Curiosity promotes creativity. This has been repeatedly proven through scientific experimentation as well as by personal statements from people who currently work in creative fields.

Curiosity often makes us do things that we would not have done otherwise. This venture into new territories is tied up with the previous point where we talked about courage.

The two concepts are deeply interlinked. To venture into grounds that you are not previously familiar with, you need to be curious about finding out what lies on the other side. But at the same time, you also need the courage to go beyond the comfort zone. You need to have that bravery within to seek out the new experiences that will lead to creative ideas. And this bravery often comes from a curiosity to learn. Hence both the concepts are dependent on each other for their individual existence.

A person who displays both these qualities will often have higher levels of creativity.

Apply Mindfulness to the Creative Process


Mindful people are able to come up with more creative ideas as compared to people who are more distracted or lost in their thoughts. Mindfulness is the ability to stay connected with the present moment without losing the train of thoughts to remembering the events of the past or planning the events of the future.

The ability to stay mindful is considered very important both in the fields of creativity and productivity. The people who are able to cultivate mindfulness tend to be able to stay focused for longer on their creative projects than the ones who leave their projects in the middle because they are distracted by other things going on.

The way to be mindful is to be aware. Sometimes this takes a lot of practice because we are not used to staying tied down to the present moment. This patience can be cultivated through regular practice.

Mindfulness techniques are easy to access, quick to perform and have enormous benefits to both, the mental and physical health while boosting your creative abilities. Once this becomes a habit, you will no longer need these medications. You will become creative naturally.

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis

Have unique thoughts and observational skills


Have Unique Thoughts

One must have unique thoughts to be truly creative. One who does not have unique thoughts blindly follows the herd. People who follow the herd can never be creative as they are only thinking, saying and doing what others are already doing. This can not give rise to creativity. In order to be truly creative, one must have their own unique thoughts that are not just a rehashed version of the popular public opinion.

Observational Skills

Observation is the act of noticing something or judgment or inference from something that is seen or experience. An observant person is more likely to come up with creative ideas as compared to someone who is always distracted.

This happens because when a person observes their surroundings, they are more likely to come up with something creative based on what they are observing. Whereas, the people who are not noticing their surroundings, fail to take note of these little details that later on take the form of new creative ideas.

big picture thinking


Having a larger perspective

John Godfrey Saxe created a world-famous story that goes by the name of “The Blind Men and the Elephant”.

The story is about six blind men of Indostan who go to see an elephant one day. They all try to work out what the elephant actually is just from touching it without getting to see it.

While one blind man touches the tusk, another one touches the trunk, the next in line touches the tail, and it keeps going on forward. As none of them have actually seen the elephant, they can not identify what it really is. They just assume what it could be with what they felt when they touched the different parts of it.

Try to keep the big picture in front of you while looking at details. When you do this, it will help you to put things in your life in their proper place along with the appropriate context.

6 Tips and Tricks to Become More Creative


1. Be active instead of passive

Active people tend to be more creative as compared to ones having a passive approach to life.

2. Create something

When you create something, it comes from creativity, when you do it regularly it will come naturally to you.

3. Change your mindset

You can be creative by choosing to see things differently. After all, creativity also includes being able to perceive things creatively.

4. Doodle in your free time

Doodling is one of the best forms of getting creative. It does not have to be perfect, you just have to be as creative as possible.

5. Eat healthily

Science has shown time and again that the people who eat right are more creative than those who eat junk food.

6. Sleep Well

Similarly, when you get 8 hours of sleep, your cognitive functions are better and you can be more creative than you are when you are sleep deprived.

4 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Spark Creativity


1.) Try different ways of doing it

Being a creative entrepreneur means you have to showcase creativity in your work. To be creative and to stand out from the crowd you must try new and different ways of doing your work. You have pushed the limits of your comfort zone and try a different approach.

2.) Stay focused on your main goal

When you are a creative entrepreneur, you must remain focused on your main goal. If you get distracted by other possibilities, your productivity will go down and you will be more likely to fail.

3.) Work in time slots

Most of the productivity coaches advise entrepreneurs to work in time slots. When you work in time slots, your work is more organized and you can stay productive. Working in time slots is much more disciplined than a normal vague working schedule.

4.) Have a strong why

He who has a strong why can bear almost any how said the great Victor Frankl. This message holds a lot of profound knowledge. Through this statement, Victor Frankl emphasized the importance of having a strong motivation. A strong why inspires you to give your best.

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3 Tricks to Be A More Creative Entrepreneur


1. Test your plans

When you are a creative entrepreneur it is also important to test if your plans are working. You need to alter your plans according to how they are getting responded. To do that, you need to test your plans first. Testing your plans is fairly simple yet hugely rewarding.

2. Get feedback

Feedback is very important to be a creative entrepreneur. Getting constant feedback helps you analyze if your strategy is successful in the market. You can get feedback from other entrepreneurs, your customers or higher professionals.

3. Implement fresh ideas

To be a creative entrepreneur, you need to implement fresh ideas in your work. A fresh idea makes your business more likable and increases the probability of becoming successful. You need to devote a certain amount of time to come up with new fresh ideas. You can make a list of potential ideas and select what best suits your strategy. You can also try asking your friends, family, and colleagues to select an idea that they think is best.

Doing these 3 Things Will Improve Your Creativity


Do more creative activities

Another way to be more creative is to engage in creative activities. When you are engaged in creative activities, you are automatically becoming more and more creative. It works like a muscle and grows stronger when used.

Find a creative hobby

One of the best ways to boost creativity is to find a creative hobby. You can choose a hobby like painting and become creative with regular practice.

Take a class in some creative field

Through a creative class, you can learn a lot of new things. When you take a creative class like guitar lessons or sketching class, you start learning creative skills and become very creative.

3 Ways to Unleash Your Creative Genius


> Make a plan

For any goal to succeed, you need a solid plan. Planning is one of the best things you can do in your journey of becoming a creative entrepreneur. You can use the various tools available online to create a properly structured guided timeline of how you want things to be. You can try note-taking apps to make systematic notes. There is various time table like apps that help you create an organized time table and get reminders at the right time.

> Create micro-goals

One of the best ways to guarantee productivity is to start with micro-goals. Once you have made a plan, simply break down the big goals into smaller, more manageable goals. This makes the process easier and much more manageable.

> Have a strategy

A good strategy is half the battle one. Make sure you craft a solid strategy of how you will venture into the market. What will you focus on, what will your key areas be? What will be your marketing strategy? Make these clear before you proceed. Having a crystal clear strategy makes it easier to set the right goals and measure your progress.

2 Powerful Ways for Entrepreneurs to Be More Creative


Choose your niche

Becoming a creative entrepreneur starts with selecting a niche. If you really want to be a successful creative entrepreneur, you need to have a strong, dedicated niche on which you can fully focus. This niche will be your main field and your primary goal for all the next steps in entrepreneurship.

There are a lot of niches to choose from. You must find something that you know about and would be happy to do. Your niche should be a combination of your skills and passion. When you are passionate as well as experienced in your niche, you can get to the top of your field.

Understand your niche

Once you have narrowed down your niche, your primary goal should be to understand your niche better. This includes doing your research about the products and understanding how the market works. There are many things to consider and learn about your niche before you can become a creative entrepreneur.

You can do this through Google searches. You can also check out reference books and journals of expert entrepreneurs. You can also talk to other entrepreneurs in your field to get a better understanding.

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5 Ways to Stay Creative When You Think You're Not


Visit artistic places

It is said that artistic places promote creativity. Numerous studies have concluded this with solid evidence. The more you visit artistic places, the more creative you will become.

Go to a museum

Museums are an excellent way to learn about a culture and history that we are not familiar with. This expands our knowledge base which in turn boosts creativity.

Watch creative videos

Watching creative videos is also known to inspire people to be more creative. When you watch creative videos, you are more likely to engage in a creative activity yourself.

Talk to creative people

When you talk to creative people, you pick up on their skills and start becoming creative yourself.

Watch interviews with creative people

Another way to surround yourself with creativity is to watch interviews with creative people. When you watch interviews with creative people, you can learn the creative skills they use to create art. You can also learn the habits that promote creativity and implement them to boost your own creativity.

4 Ways to Be and Stay Creative


1.) Make more art

One of the best ways to nurture creativity is to be more artistic in general. Making more art will get your creative juices flowing easily while having fun.

2.) Have more experiences

A creative person can base his creativity on his experiences. In order to be more creative, you need to have more experiences in your life. The more things you experience, the more you have to write, draw or create about.

3.) Consume media

Ultimately, creativity comes from consumption. If you consume a variety of content, you will be able to create more content naturally. So if you want to stay creative, start consuming more media daily.

4.) Try doing something new

You can be more creative by doing something different than you have always done. You can try something new that you have never done before. It can be anything that gets you out of your comfort zone.

15 ways to become creative entrepreneurs


In today’s day and age, everyone wants to try their hand at entrepreneurship. It's high in demand, there are a lot of profits if done right and is quite respectable in society. Entrepreneurship comes with a lot of responsibility. Not everyone can just wake up and hack it. It takes patience and practice.

If you are looking to become a creative entrepreneur, here are some ways you can succeed at becoming a creative entrepreneur.

      1. Choose your niche

      2. Understand your niche

      3. Make a plan

      4. Create micro-goals

      5. Have a strategy

      6. Test your plans

      7. Get feedback

      8. Implement fresh ideas

      9. Try different ways of doing it

      10. Stay focused on your main goal

      11. Work in time slots

      12. Have a strong why

      13. Have a good work-life balance

      14. Be passionate about your project

      15. Keep learning

      30 ways to stay creative


      1. Make more art

      2. Have more experiences

      3. Consume media

      4. Try doing something new

      5. Visit artistic places

      6. Go to a museum

      7. Watch creative videos

      8. Talk to creative people

      9. Watch interviews with creative people

      10. Do more creative activities

      11. Find a creative hobby

      12. Take a class in some creative field

      13. Have creative friends

      14. Visit places that promote creativity

      15. Attend seminars on creativity

      16. Participate in various forms of creative contests

      17. Try to be more involved

      18. Be active instead of passive

      19. Create something

      20. Change your mindset

      21. Doodle in your free time

      22. Eat healthily

      23. Sleep Well

      24. Exercise regularly

      25. Meditate

      26. Try mindfulness

      27. Take a yoga class

      28. Start journaling your feelings

      29. Keep a creative book

      30. Try to incorporate creative activities in your day

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