How to Beat Procrastination?

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10 Simple & Effective Time Management Techniques to Beat Procrastination

With simple and easy-to-follow time-management techniques, you can easily overcome the procrastination habit.

1. “Active” in Your Spare Time

2. Divide the work into little chunks
3. ‘Short-Time’ things first
4. Get Started somewhere
5. Take Little Breaks
6. Stop Notifications for a While
7. There’s ‘No’ Perfect time
8. De-cluttered Workplace
9. Schedule & Prioritize
10. Better Idea than Avoidance

Procrastination is normal. You don’t have to feel guilty about it. To beat procrastination, allocate a specific time or a few hours in a day to do the things that you like to do.

In this way, you won’t be thinking about them while you are set to work seriously. But, the concern here is if we keep procrastinating, it puts a question on our credibility. We need to draw the line somewhere.

Good time-management skills can help you treat procrastinating habits a lot better.

6 Emotional & Psychological Tips to Overcome Procrastination

1. Zeigarnik Effect for Procrastination:

The Zeigarnik effect is a psychological phenomenon.

Once you start a task, your brain remains alert until the task is finished no matter how many days have gone by. The brain will stay alert and keep reminding you that “You still have to finish the work”.

Start your work. Finish to whatever levels that you can. The Zeigarnik effect takes over. It keeps reminding you to finish the task despite your procrastination. People try Zeigarnik-Effect to overcome procrastination.

2. Pick Pearls from Rubies:

When you cannot decide “what to do first,” “where to give importance”, and “which task to pick first and execute” there comes procrastination.

This ‘Pick pearls from rubies’ is a simple trick. Both are precious, but White-Pearls standout from dark-rubies, right? The same goes here. Among multiple tasks, pick one that stands out, saying, “I am important. I cannot be postponed. Do it now.”

3. Avoid 3 Things:

Avoid “Fear of Failure,” “Fear of Judgements, negative feedback,” and “Perfection.” These three are the culprits taking away your productivity and making your procrastinate.

4. Dealing with time:

Time-consuming works can start procrastination. To overcome it, divide the tasks. Finish one or two tasks. It will motivate you to continue. By dividing and executing tasks, you will get some work done instead of procrastination.

5. Quick Rewards:

It’s a psychological fact. When rewards, appreciations, and recognitions are far away and not soon, people procrastinate. It can meddle with their motivation. Offer yourself some rewards for completing a task to overcome procrastination and mental-exhaustion.

6. Self-Compassion:

It’s psychologically accepted that “When an individual becomes unable to handle negative emotions, they begin procrastinating” without their knowledge. But, if they offer themselves ‘self-compassion,’ it induces positivities like motivation, self-worth, and optimism. Self-compassion helps in eliminating mental distress.

How do I become more self-disciplined and avoid procrastination? 7 Important Steps

1. Self-Disciple is a Choice. Not a Compulsion:

Don’t consider self-discipline as a compulsion, or pressure and beat yourself up. Don’t misunderstand self-discipline to something that’s forcing you and putting you under pressure. Self-discipline is a choice to make your life easier, more structured, and productive. If you understand this, you will become more aware of what self-discipline is.

Change your mind into thinking "self-discipline is habit and practice that positively impacts my life". Self-Discipline helps you overcome procrastination.

2. Automate your Behaviors:

Simple routines like fixed wake-up time, exercising hours, breakfast time, working hours, etc. automates your behaviors. It leads to more clarity than delays and confusion. It helps you make fewer decisions. By avoiding many decisions-making, you can avoid procrastination to a level.

3. We Procrastinate:

Every day is filled with some level of distractions we have to deal with. Likewise, we procrastinate in a day for good reasons and bad reasons too. Your day is a mixed bag of these two. The trick here is in identifying things that make your procrastinate.

4. Don’t justify:

Don’t justify the reasons for procrastinating. It doesn’t do any good. By justifying you are adding value to a habit/practice that is diminishing your productivity.

5. Procrastination is a Habit too:

Procrastination comes when you prefer comfort over hard work. You also procrastinate when there is no-pressure, no-commitment, and no-accountability. Solve them and you solve procrastination habit.

6. Freedom:

You need the freedom to be creative and work well. But, with more freedom and no-accountability, the chances are prime for procrastination. Have responsible freedom. It is one way of self-discipline habit that can help you overcome procrastination.

7. Don't take things for granted:

Don’t take your time, resources, and efforts for granted. It’s an important self-discipline practice that beats procrastination.

Procrastination Paradox: How To End Procrastination


Let's be honest and accept we all procrastinate. At least once in a day. We put off tasks when we find them difficult. Besides, we procrastinate when tasks are not interesting. Similarly, there are various reasons why you are laze around.

The Procrastination Paradox

There are many studies about why people procrastinate. The theory is quite simple. There is an easy formula that will decide if you will procrastinate or not. It is known to be 100% correct. When you connect pain with an action, you are most likely to procrastinate.

For example, you finish your work for the day. You come home and relax. Watch your favorite shows etc. It is then you remember to throw away the trash. Here comes the procrastination factor. You think the garbage isn't overflowing. Also, it doesn't smell bad. Here is where you connect the act with pain. Hence, you are most likely to procrastinate.

The next day, similar events take place. But now, the foul smell is too much for you to handle. Hence, the pain of the act is reduced due to the smell. This is when you take out the garbage.

It is also true that your environment has a lot to do with procrastination. If you have the right environment, the action is undeniable. On the other hand, if it is not, you will end up being lazy. Make friends who motivate you. Be with people who encourage to be better. Work hard to break habits. Start today to bring about a change in your lifestyle. It's now or never.

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis

Tips To Stop Procrastination In Students


Students procrastinate a lot. With time, it becomes habitual. Besides, students have a lot of distractions. Procrastinating is known to kill productivity. You lose opportunities.

Additionally, it later becomes a habit for students. This habit can have negative effects on their life. Here are tricks for students to stop procrastinating.

1. Create a to-do list

Write down the tasks every day. This will help in completing activities. Additionally, it will stop you from procrastinating. It will help you know tasks. Limit the activities on the list. Also, set a target. This is one way to beat procrastination.

2. Find the factor of procrastination

It is important to find why you procrastinate. This will help in finding a solution. Furthermore, it will give you clarity. Find the reasons for procrastination. Make sure to never laze around. Some reasons could be the task is unpleasant. Or the task is not motivating. Besides, you aren't interested in the task.

3. Cut task into portions

Break down tasks to complete them faster. In other words, break work into smaller ones. This way, activities seem achievable. You find the motivation to complete small tasks. This is a tip for students who lack motivation. Moreover, students also find it easier to complete tasks.

These are tricks for students to stop procrastination. Try these tips and change your life for the better. It is beneficial to be disciplined for students. Make a change and make a mark.

How Do You Stop Procrastination


What does procrastination mean?

Procrastination is defined as the act of postponing or delaying something due to various factors. Additionally, it can also be termed as avoidance to get a task done which needs to be met at deadlines. The reasons for the same could be an intentional delay or habitual delays.

Procrastination could have negative consequences and effects. However, when you delay a task for a good reason, that isn't called procrastination. In other words, when you delay any task without any reason, that is when it is said to be procrastination. For example, if a person is responsible for collecting the reports, which includes new reports as well. The individual may claim to give it more time in order to study and achieve an accurate report. However, most of the tasks do not get better with delays.

What are the benefits of stopping procrastination?

Overcoming procrastination is quite an inner struggle that needs to be dealt with. Stopping procrastination can help us in multiple ways. Here are some of the benefits of how you can stop procrastination.

1. Self Discipline

Studies show that procrastination is not a time management issue. One of the main causes of procrastination is lack of self-discipline. A great way to build up your self-discipline is to work on beating procrastination. Procrastination is the thief of time.

2. Greater Work Performance

It is known that individuals who don't procrastinate have better work performance. When you work with dedication, discipline, and responsibility, you are known to have a better work performance.

3. Lower Stress

When you stop procrastination, it leads to lower stress and anxiety. Additionally, when you finish work on time, you can be relaxed and stress-free. Completing a work can be difficult, but delaying it could have more complex consequences.

How to schedule your day and destroy procrastination?

Firstly, we do it procrastinate because we are lazy. We procrastinate because we are afraid.

We do it because we are afraid of:

• We think that our efforts are not enough.

• We’ll fail.

• We’ll succeed.

• We are not enough.

• If it won’t be perfect, then what’s the use?

There are many reasons though but here are some tips for scheduling your day which will help you to void procrastination:

First of all, set goals.

• Make a good schedule.

• Have some breaks in between which will refresh you in between the work.

• Prioritize your work.

• Reward yourself after every task.

• Make a short to-do list.

• Find a good workplace.

• Avoid distractions.

• Give some time to socialize. This will help you to remain fresh and full of energy.

Here are some tips which will help you to destroy procrastination. Give some time to yourself and take enough time to complete the task. Don’t afraid to take small steps as well as they can lead you to complete the whole task with confidence.


The fear of failure is the main reason for procrastination. People often procrastinate as they get afraid of failure in the task given to them. This may lead people to avoid finishing the task.

19 things we can do about it:

1. Avoid distractions.

2. Work on your habits.

3. Use the tools you like.

4. Review your goals regularly.

5. Make it public.

6. Use a short to-do list.

7. Use the right works.

8. Make it fun.

9. Set a reward for completing a task that resists getting through.

10. Break the work into small and specific tasks.

11. Manage your energy and not your time.

12. Do not afraid to leave.

13. Track your time.

14. Learn to say no.

15. Take a small first step.

16. Routines help.

17. Make decisions.

18. Stay calm.

19. Don’t panic.

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3 Time Management Tips to Beat Procrastination


1. De-cluttered Workplace

A cluttered workplace can be a big distraction. Too many objects including stationery items, gadgets, or any sorts of clutters on the table can divert your attention. You may find something of interest to you. For instance, if you see a book, you will start flipping pages or start reading things. Your focus changes here. Clean your Workspace before you sit to work. Preferably, look for a secluded and comfortable place to begin your work.

2. Schedule & Prioritize

Scheduling and prioritizing are simple yet effective time-management techniques to overcome procrastination. If you don't know where to start, then start prioritizing your work. It should give you baby-steps to begin a job. Track down little things related to your task. Start with it. Schedule and prioritize based on what's important, and what needs immediate attention. Besides, add the closest task that can be completed. Maintain a little notebook for it.

3. Better Idea than Avoidance

This is a simple technique for your brain. Your brain can sense boredom. If you can sense dis-interest. As a result, it keeps doing the same thing, again and again, i.e. triggers the feeling of procrastination. Feed your brain some positive actionable thoughts. Whenever your brain triggers the thought of 'Let's procrastinate', divert it by giving valid ideas. Don't give the thoughts of 'Postpone' or 'avoid it'.

The three reasons we discussed here are the best time-management techniques to beat the procrastination habit. The reasons can help you with bringing productivity. We hope that these points will help you to think through procrastination and follow simple ways to overcome it.

4 Easy Time Management Strategies to Beat Procrastination


1. Get Started somewhere

You cannot procrastinate in the long run. The habit leads to a level where your reputation can be at stake. If you don't find anywhere to start, it's fine. The next day, work something out. Analyze the task in hand. See what you can do about it. Instead of postponing, look for ways to begin somewhere. It can be as little work as 'creating a folder for your work. Do simple tasks like writing in your planner, or talking it with your colleagues. Begin somewhere.

2. Take Little Breaks

Celebrate little achievements. Take little personal breaks. If you feel like you are triggered to procrastinate, divert your thoughts. Go out. Listen to music. Get some fresh air. Do things you like. Settle yourself and begin fresh. Don't let the feeling of procrastination take shape.

3. Stop Notifications for a While

Social media, smart-phones, gadgets, and notifications divert the attention highly. Once you are addicted to them, you will automatically procrastinate with the work in hand. Before you begin to work, mute or turn off notifications for a while. It'll help you get started without any disturbance.

4. There's 'No' Perfect time

There is no 'perfect time' to start work. Waiting for "prefect-timing" is one of the common reasons behind procrastination by individuals. Don't wait for a perfect moment or perfect day or perfect time to start your work. Don't use this as an excuse.

Time Management Tips to help Avoid Procrastination


1. "Active" in Your Spare Time:

Have a few hours of spare time every day. If you feel like you are procrastinating or very hesitant to start any work, close it as of now. Find some spare time in any part of the day. Work in spare time. The point is, instead of procrastinating, you can try different things in the same area in which you are working. Be active in those spare times with related work. practice this technique.

To better explain the concept, let's see an example.

Example: Imagine yourself as an artist. You keep procrastinating' a project due to lack of inspiration or motivation. Hence it becomes difficult to start the work. To begin with, find a few hours of spare time in any part of the day. Instead of focusing on the project, relax your mind. Take a canvas or journal and start drawing or coloring whatever comes to your mind. By doing so, you get to hit the brain's refresh button. You can get some ideas if you focus on yourself instead of postponing or ignoring it. Over time, you might get a spark to start.

2. Divide the work into little chunks:

Big tasks can be overwhelming. In due time, you start to feel total exhaustion. Likewise, big works bring starting troubles. Eventually, people start to procrastinate. So divide the works into little chunks. Break them into little actionable tasks. Divide tasks according to various categories. For instance: divide them based on importance, time-required, resources needed, etc.

3. 'Short-Time' things first:

Work on things that take short-time. In this way, you will not have difficulty to 'begin' the work. Beginning with short-time projects can be a healthy alternate to avert the feeling of procrastination.

How to cure from procrastination


1.“Eat an elephant” have heard it so many times from our parents, isn’t it? It means to divide and work. Yes, it is true whenever something seems difficult or impossible to try this technique and see the difference.

2. Don’t wait to it immediately: instead of giving up and looking for a good chance or mood to do a particular task, do it quickly. Once ignored, the time never comes this why it is said, whatever you want to do; do it now.

3. Start doing that task you find interesting.

4. Remember, when you avoid work for some other day, you make it difficult for yourself. Because late you are the more you have to finish.

5. Don’t expect too much from yourself in the beginning. No one is born perfect or genius, so set your goal small.

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4 steps to help you prevent procrastination


We all procrastinate things when we get so stressed about failing or incomplete task after hard work. But procrastination is really bad if we get into the habit of it. Here are the four ways to help everyone who avoids things for any reason.

1. It is important to learn that you are getting into the habit of it. You might be avoiding things for so many good reasons without knowing that the task is actually important. Find the reason behind why are you procrastinating first to help yourself.

2. Take time because you are a human being and there’s nothing we can do immediately things doesn’t happen suddenly, try and you will make it. Start doing your important tasks first no matter how hard it is divide and work on it.

3. Well; when we are being under observation how fast things get done isn’t it? You can try the same method ask someone to remind you daily it can be your alarm or your friends or anyone.

4. Motivate yourself daily with good thought and see how things get easier. Tell yourself you can do everything and see how easy it is to deal with procrastination.

How To Stop Procrastination?


Maintain a good house environment, students get easily distracted by the fights between parents and it might become the reason for avoiding things that shouldn’t be avoided. Find out the reason you have been avoiding things for. Are you afraid of something? Maybe you are disorganized and can’t find where to start from? As soon as you identify the reason behind something you can find a solution to it and change things.

Do it today itself. Everyone, the most organized people sometimes procrastinate things. It is really a very bad thing to fall for, sometimes the common procrastination can have a detrimental impact on your life. Here are the 5 most effective ways to cope with procrastination.

Create your working list, divide the work in order from the beginning. Get started from where you feel comfortable. Pay attention to the task as per your schedule. Turn everything off that you thing might distract you from your task. Such things are mobile, TV or any social media.

Every individual has a set of priorities in life and his entire life centers around it. The basic priorities can be any one or more of the following, Name, Fame or Popularity, Money, Power, Family and/or Love.

5 scientifically proven tips to beat procrastination


1. Music are not just loved b people, it has the power to boost our brain. Listen to the song that you feel will motivate you.

2. Find out the reason you have been avoiding things for. Are you afraid of something? Maybe you are disorganized and can’t find where to start from? As soon as you identify the reason behind something you can find a solution to it and change things.

3. Prepare your do-list but don’t just add anything. Add things much important and you think is good for your future. Just delete the things out fully because the main reason behind procrastination is too many works to do.

4. Bet with someone, ask somebody to watch your task out. These things can be really helpful to beat procrastination. Betting with someone fills us with encouragement and we are more likely to do the task with enthusiasm.

5. Another way to motivate ourselves for any task is to make it fun and not a burden. Reward yourself with something when a particular task is completed, you can complete your task with someone. Make your work fun to avoid procrastination.

Overcoming Daunting Tasks: 5 Tips for Success

Discover 5 effective tips for overcoming daunting tasks you've been avoiding. Learn strategies to boost productivity, motivation, and accomplish your goals.


1. The key point to overcome procrastination is the focus, start from just one thing you have been avoiding.

2. Don’t stir or avoid things for some other day, if you have a task to complete, do it today itself.

3. Once you identify a task, start it and focus on it for at least five minutes. It’s scientifically proven that once we start on something, it’s much more likely to finish it up.

4. Give yourself a short period of breaks in between to relax so that you don’t get bored and tired. Do a power hour; it helps us stay focused on all the distractions.

5. Forgive yourself and move ahead in life. It’s said that the more you forgive yourself, the more you can beat your current procrastination.

There is no such way as I have mentioned before to overcome procrastination so, don’t wait for a miracle. Do what you feel should be done and seems important and profitable to you.

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Want to know how to stop procrastination?


Procrastination is not something that we do eloquently, it is something we get into the habit very slowly. But once it becomes the habit it can actually be very harmful to our future.

We postpone things for our pleasure and sometimes just because we have the fear of the failure. Without knowing that it’s harmful and can affect our dream or an important task.

If you are here looking for a way to stop procrastination I must ask you to stop wasting your time. There is no such thing that will help you decide what is good for you. You yourself must be wise enough and do what you think should be done for your betterment.

There are so many ways to stop it so but the most effective way to stop procrastination is to do your work. Be wise and stop reading articles on these things and get into your work.

5 effective ways to cope with procrastination.


Everyone, the most organized people sometimes procrastinate things. It is really a very bad thing to fall for, sometimes the common procrastination can have a detrimental impact on your life. Here are the 5 most effective ways to cope with procrastination.

1. Learn to deal with your fear, if you are afraid of success because you secretly believe that you don't deserve it learn how to overcome your fear rather than procrastinating things up.

2. Make your to-do list, time management is very important in life schedule a list of your important work and get it done in time.

3. Create your working list, divide the work in order from the beginning. Get started from where you feel comfortable.

4. Pay attention to your thought, must be able to recognize when you are about to procrastinate things. It helps you win over the temptation of procrastination.

5. Pay attention to the task as per your schedule. Turn everything off that you thing might distract you from your task. Such things are mobile, TV or any social media.



The list of productivity tips is as given below:

1. Rewrite your to-do list.

2. Try to meet your deadlines.

3. Make a schedule.

4. Try easy tasks first.

5. Slowly try to hit hard tasks.

6. Improve your estimates.

7. Expect less at first.

8. Learn to say no.

9. List the most three important tasks of the day.

10. Be on time.

11. Set a time for being on social media.

12. Read more.

13. Stay motivated.

14. Go slow.

15. Value your leisure and work time equally.

These are 15 important and easy productivity tips that will help you to overcome procrastination. Try to follow at least 10 of them daily and see the results within few days.



These are the 1-minute exercises which will help you to fight procrastination:

• Yoga. Do some small tasks in yoga, which requires less than a minute to refresh your mind. Examples: meditation, exercises, etc.

• Read before you go to bed. Read at least a page before you go to sleep. This will make you stay focused.

• Fold your clothes. This thing seems to be very small, but it helps. It will help you to overcome your procrastination. This kind of small tasks helps you to complete your work faster.

These are three 1-minute exercises which will help you to cure your problem of procrastination. Keep small tasks and set a time and try to complete them in less time. You will gain confidence in completing the work on time.

This will help you to complete your big projects on time. It helps to gain your belief that you can do all the works on time.

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