Success changes, it never stays the same and it is never the same for everyone. Success hops just like that.

Do what you like. Pursue it, Work for it. The taste of success comes to you even before you reach where you want to go.

"Everything Should Turn out right" should also tune your mind to focus on "what went wrong?" when it doesn't go the way you planned. That's Success too.

Be sensible enough to not put people through tough times & inconveniences that you might have once gone through and that's your life's success too!

Hard-work will not bring you success unless you like what you do. If not, then there will always be an incomplete feeling. It can't give you any success.

You Need Money but it's not always the Big Money that defines Success.

Success begins with keeping in mind some of the life's best keywords like 'I can Do', 'I can give it a try', 'Don't Give up now', 'One more step further' anytime anywhere.

Try to make things right as much as you can. Thinking about all things that's not right will not yield any steps to success.

Having at-least one true friend in life!