An Hour A Day To Make Your Life Better in 30 days

Spend 1 Hour a day for Physical-Wellness:

Do Exercising, Walking, Jog, Workouts, etc.

Spend that one hour every day to improving your physical well-being.

In a month, you can see positive changes.

Spend this one hour, preferably in the early morning hours.

Spend 1 Hour every day for Mental-Wellness:

Do things you like. For Ex: read books, listen to music, hobby, go out, meet friends, etc.

An hour daily to refresh yourself is important for mental well-being.

Depending upon your work, spend the hour in any part of the day.

Spend 1 Hour every day for improving your skill-set:

Improve your skills and put your talent to use.

Allocating 1 hour a day for these three important activities for thirty days will show big positive improvements in your life.

Here are a few examples to understand:

If you are a Student/College-Goer’s:

Spend 1 hour every day for studies, learning.

Apart from the time you spend on assignments/projects, with friends or other-tasks, spend one hour daily to learn subjects.

Or, if you don’t feel like studying, you can visit libraries.

Browse the internet related to your subjects. Know about successful people in your field-of-interest and see how they achieved.

Learn about innovations happening in your field-of-interest etc.

Or, try DIYs by browsing the internet related to your subject topics/concepts.

Learn something useful in that 1 hour related to your studies.

If you are a professional:

Spend 1 hour every day to improve your skill-set and talent. It should improve your knowledge-base and build your interpersonal skills.

Spend 1 Hour of full-focus to finish important tasks in your office.

Anyone irrespective of age or occupation can follow this.

Follow this principle. Doing useful things an hour a day for thirty days will improve your life tremendously.

15 Easy Productivity Hacks for your Everyday

1. Good Start:

A good start is the “Early” start.

2. Three Important Tasks:

Identify three important tasks you want to do the prior night. The next day, do them. It’s a good productivity hack.

3. Simple Routines every day:

Good routines guarantee good productivity.

4. Do Most Important/Difficult Tasks Before Lunch:

You will be more productive during morning hours.

5. Prior-Night Plans:

Write down:

What you want to do

Tasks you want to complete

Places you want to go

People you have to meet, etc.

You can easily execute tasks and get productive results.

6. Prioritize your To-Do Lists:

You have two ways here.

Execute difficult tasks first. Carry other tasks next.

Doing easy tasks first to get confidence and fulfillment to carry on the next difficult tasks.

Follow what suits you.

7. Simple To-Do List:

It’s an easy productivity hack. Don’t complicate or overwhelm your to-do lists.

8. Take 'Your' Time:

Have some time for yourself every day. Do things that you like to do! It keeps you active without losing interest.

9. Avoid Multitasking:

Get one work done. Then go to the next.

10. Do what makes you happy:

Productivity boosts with freedom, clarity, and joy in the work you do.

11. Don’t expect perfection all the time:

Give your best. It matters the most.

12. Work on your skills:

Keep improving yourself in your tradecraft.

13. Wellness:

Physical, Mental, and Emotional wellness are foremost to increase productivity. Everything else is secondary.

14. When feel stressed?

Don’t continue with the work. You will end up unproductive when you have a lot going on in your head. Give a pause. Do things that relax you. Resume your work after.

15. What to avoid?

Entire productivity will enhance if you avoid negativities and negative people.

11 Factors that Decrease Your Productivity Levels

1. Low Self-Esteem:

Performances are hindered by low self-esteem. It can stop you from initiating, trying, and performing. Even with skills and talents, productivity can decrease when the individual has low self-esteem.

2. Lack of Knowledge:

Without the necessary knowledge and understanding, you cannot do the work productively. Gaining necessary Knowledge about your work is important.

3. Attitude:

A negative attitude towards what you do affects productivity levels. Try to pull yourself together and stay positive despite challenges. A good attitude boosts performance levels.

4. Low Self-Confidence:

Avoid the “What if’s”. Keep trying. Do what you can. I cannot be productive if I don’t have enough self-confidence to do it.

5. Lack of Skills:

Develop the required skills. Keep updating yourself. Lack of skills makes you underperform leading to decreased productivity.

6. Disinterest:

Find out why you don’t enjoy doing the work. See what difficulties you are having in completing the work. Disinterest is one of the main factors that decrease productivity levels.

7. Demotivation:

Identify what demotivates you from doing the work. We all need motivation in some form to stay productive.

8. Distractions:

The more distractions you have, the less productive you will be.

9. Unclear Goals:

If you are unclear about what to do or where to start, and what goals you have to achieve, your productivity declines.

10. Multitasking:

Multitasking hinders your productivity levels. Take one step at a time. Finish it. Move on to the next.

11. Improper Self-Care:

Take breaks in the middle. Refresh yourself. Take a nice walk. Do things you like in the intervals you could get. Good Self-care boosts productivity.

The takeaway here is:

Don’t consider these factors as your drawbacks. It happens to everyone. Instead, see what you can do to overcome these factors that stop you from becoming productive.