30 Best & Effective Productivity Hacks for Life

1. Have an early start. It gives more time to sort the day.

2. Focus on important things first.

3. Make your bed every day when you wake up. It’s a simple gesture that starts a productive day for you.

4. Organize your surroundings.

5. Take restful breaks whenever you feel low or energy levels drop.

6. Quality of work is important for your productivity.

7. Manage your time.

8. Spend some time daily to do things you like. It can be your hobby, having coffee at your favorite café, meeting with friends, reading, taking naps, etc.

9. Have a healthy social-media space. Let it be positive and uplifting. Stay away from digital influences that make you feel low or insufficient.

10. If you are happy you become productive.

11. Bring an active and healthy lifestyle.

12. Prefer healthy food choices.

13. You can only control what you can. Don’t worry about things that you cannot control. Worrying decreases your productivity.

14. Be clear about what you are going to do next.

15. A sense of fulfillment and content should come from things you do.

16. Sometimes you need to slow down to figure things out.

17. Stop overthinking.

18. Good Sleep is important for Productivity.

19. Plan your day the prior night.

20. Try again if you don’t succeed at first.

21. Avoid negativities like hate, ego, and anger, resentment, jealousy, and bad-mouthing. It improves productivity.

22. Stay Positive.

23. Have simple Daily-Routines. It brings discipline.

24. Be flexible.

25. Be adaptable.

26. Do things you like. Not at the cost of hurting people’s feelings and surroundings.

27. Follow your Passion to become more productive in life.

28. Read a lot of books.

29. Be a Positive Person. Let people look up to you for the goodness in you.

30. End your day with gratitude.


“There are no great people in this world, only great challenges which ordinary people rise to meet.”
– William Frederick Halsey, JR.

Look at all people who are sitting on top of life. They all are ordinary people who keep growing with every obstacle and challenge they meet. Like us, they all have a humble start in life. They became Extraordinary through facing great challenges their way.

The courage and confidence one gains in encountering challenges in life makes them stronger than the rest of the crowd.

Don’t be afraid of challenges. Build yourself physically and mentally to endure any size of challenges that life throws.

What makes people extraordinary from the rest is in two things.

First, they do what they like. They pursue their ideas and goals despite all hardships. They stand for themselves. They stand for the right. The second and foremost reason is, they are ready to meet any challenge that comes their way. The hardest and toughest challenge made them extraordinary.

People who are strong-willed and positive spirit overcome tests and trials in life. They emerge as extraordinary, inspiring individuals.

One can keep quoting examples of successful people, achievers in different fields, and record-setting sportspeople. What is the common thing among them all?

They are ordinary people like you and me. An exception is, they differ in two things. They endure the toughest challenge and come out. They rise step by step with every encounter they meet in life.

The story of amazing people who have accomplished so far in life tells one truth. They are ordinary people like us. But, they keep pushing themselves and raise to meet life in all its glory.