15 Easy and Functional Productivity Tips for Working from Home

1. Be ‘Office-Ready’:

It will prepare you mentally to begin productive works/activities while working from home.

2. Set regular Office-Hours. Bring work-discipline:

Finish all your works prior. Start working like regular office-going hours.

3. Clear Working Hours:

Convey your working hours so that people around you don’t interrupt.

4. Take breaks:

It helps you stay active and refreshed to continue working enthusiastically.

5. Use any good apps/software to manage your work and time:

You can manage your schedules, meetings, tasks, etc. Clarity increases productivity.

6. Complete a certain percentage of work per day:

Make this a ‘must-follow rule’.

7. Choose a convenient schedule for you:

Working from Home brings convenience in allocating and scheduling tasks.

You can prepare a convenient schedule based on your working hours and working style. This technique enables you to stay productive while working from home.

8. To-Do List:

Your 'To-Do' list gives a boost to start and execute tasks confidently. So make it crisp.

It brings clarity. Starting work becomes easy. Productivity will increase.

9. Communicate:

Good Communication with your fellow workers and employers is essential.

10. Stay in Perspective:

Know your duties and responsibilities of working from your convenience. Don’t take it to your advantage.

11. Separate Work credentials:

Have a Separate phone number, email, and other internet ID for work. It allows you to stay well-organized and overcome Personal-Work clashes.

12. Keep yourself updated:

Like the office environment, train yourself with new skills. Improvise. Learn new things.

13. Get dressed:

It’s an easy and effective little step that you can take to stay productive while working from home.

14. Gather everything you need before you sit to work:

It eliminates distractions.

15. Take it as an advantage:

Working from home has freedom. Use this freedom to improve your quality of work.

The more effective you utilize it, the more productive you become.

13 External Factors and Strategies to Increase Workplace Productivity

1. Make Employees Feel Safe and Good:

Employees spend most of their time in the workplace. Make them feel like a family.

2. Don’t kill Employee Morales:

Don’t curtail their basic needs, break times, resources, and sorts in the name of bringing discipline and order. Killing employee morale in any way decreases workplace productivity.

3. No Favoritism in the Workplace:

It is an essential quality to be followed in the workplace to boost employee performance.

4. Celebrate little achievements too:

Appreciating little achievements and celebrating it gives a morale boost to employees. It helps them to stay productive in the workplace.

5. Give Clear Goals:

Don’t burden your workforce with unrealistic goals and deadlines.

6. Gamification Tactics:

It involves giving rewards, badges, ranking-points, challenges, etc. It makes employees stay enthusiastic and productive in the workplace.

Keep it positive and fun. Else, these tactics can become counterproductive.

7. Good Leadership:

Good leadership brings people together. It motivates people to become productive.

8. Reduce Stress:

Stress is unavoidable. But still, try providing a stress-free environment as much as you can to your employees.

9. Good workstations:

Provide comfortable, spacious, and convenient workstations to function and work in a relaxed manner.

10. Don’t Hover:

Employees don’t appreciate their managers/superiors to hover around them all the time. Give them their space. Your employees are adults who don’t need constant supervision like children.

Employees don’t welcome 'Helicopter Bosses'.

11. No Micromanaging:

Give freedom to your employees to express their working style. Don’t dictate work. Allow your employees to bring creativity. Give them the freedom to express themselves. It’s an important strategy to enhance workplace productivity.

12. Listen:

Hear your employees' concerns. Understand their problems.

13. Keep them engaged and Stay Active:

It’s important for workplace productivity.

10 Positive Factors that Increase your Productivity Levels

1. Self-Motivation:

Consider Productivity in two-ways. First, it’s about preparing yourself to do the work. The willpower to start any work is a way of becoming productive. Second, it is about how you execute the work with all your preparations. For both cases, you need self-motivation to make it work.

2. Doing What you Like:

If I like what I do, I don’t need any motivation from the outside to be productive and creative in my work. Meanwhile, if I don’t like what I do, even a little, I will not be productive enough.

3. Freedom:

Freedom increases productivity. With freedom, you will have more control over the work you do. Eventually, it leads to creative, responsible, and productive outputs.

4. Self-Satisfaction/Self-Content:

If you feel satisfied and content about the work you do, your productivity levels enhance.

5. Rewards:

The real productivity is in personal rewards that you fix to yourself. It helps in increasing your output levels in any work you do.

6. Goals:

Setting small goals or big goals will keep you focused. Goals will help you with what to do next. This clarity is essential to increase productivity.

7. Good Surroundings:

Cluttered, disoriented and uncomfortable spaces around you will decrease your interest in being productive.

8. Good Health:

Take care of your physical and mental health with no compromises. It’s essential for your productivity.

9. Being Happy:

If you are happy, you work better. If you like what you do, you work better. Stay positive and happy to be productive in life.

10. Self-Fixed Targets:

Fix self-targets. It will keep you productive and stay in the loop without deviating.

These 10 factors are important to boost your productivity levels. Develop Them.