10 ways to improve productivity

10 simple but effective strategies for increasing your productivity at work:

1. Track and limit how much time you're spending on tasks.

2. Take regular breaks.

3. Set self-imposed deadlines.

4. Be proactive, not reactive.

5. Just say no to meetings.

Unnecessary meetings always suck your time so try to avoid them.

6. Give-up on the illusion of perfection.

Never run after this illusion, instead, give your 100% and move-on.

7. Quit multitasking.

Avoid multi-tasking as much as possible as it puts a negative effect on your productivity.

8. Minimize interruptions.

To minimize any interruption you should resist the temptation to have longer breaks as well as talking to someone else while working. Fix the schedule and work accordingly.

9. Choose something nice to look at.

Jazz-up your working space with plants, candles, flowers or anything else. These things increase your productivity by 15%.

10. Work in 90-minute intervals.

Have a 10-minute break after every 90-minute. This will boost you up

20 ways to develop productivity at work.


1. Set time for every task.

2. Set your goals and deadlines.

3. Avoid things you think can distract you like phones, social media and all while working.

4. Don’t just work but get pleasure from your work.

5. Enjoy your work as well as set it your most important priority.

6. Prize yourself, if you are a boss set some bonus for completed a task.

7. Avoid several tasks at once, limit your work.

8. Start using new technologies and tools to get productivity in your work easier and much faster.

9. Find out when your prime time is for productivity and optimize your work schedule accordingly.

10. Write your new thought and ideas it helps you remember things up anytime you need them.

11. Make you are to-do list before sleeping.

12. Set alarms, for your most important task.

13. Early to bed and early to rise, follow this rule in your life.

14. Take breaks and do something to relax.

15. Read and hear good things related to your work.

16. Say NO confidently.

17. Follow someone who’s successful.

18. Avoid time-wasting things.

19. Have time managing skills.

20. Work while you work.

14 WAYS TO SHOCK YOUR BOSS: An Advice to Successful Employees


1. SHOW UP TO WORK EARLY. If this is a first, congratulate yourself and treat the gang!

2. Every morning come prepared to work hard.

3. When necessary, be willing to stay late to finish an important project.

4. Do more than your share of work.

5. Be willing to work odd shifts.

6. Take the initiative to ask questions.

7. Ask for advice. Use it, then thank your boss.

8. Speak well of your boss behind his/her back.

9. Read whatever you can about your field.

10. Suggest new ideas that will save the company time and money. From being shy to assertive, this will surely keep your boss gaping!

11. Continue to grow professionally by accepting offers to train and attend a conference somewhere away from your comfort zone.

12. Stick around -- don't always look for greener pastures. Oops, don't forget to let your boss know that you turn down an offer abroad because you feel better working with him.

13. Take a few minutes to pray for your boss. (Even after your heated conversation an hour ago!)

14. Invite your boss to church. Don't take no for an answer but persuade him/her.