How to be More Productive and Efficient - 6 Strategies

1. Follow the 1-3-5 Rule:

Every day do:

1 Big Task that is Highly Important & Urgent

3 Medium Tasks that are less crucial

5 Small Tasks that are much-less important

Follow this technique every day. You will achieve increased productivity and improved efficiency.

Do the ‘1-3’ Before Lunch. Morning hours are the most productive.

2. Like-Minded Peer Group:

Be with people who want to play and hustle as you do.

Like-Minded people will know the importance of work to be done and motivate you.

3. Do Things you like and has Merit:

You can do anything you like. But that is not the point.

To be productive, do things you like that holds merit, value, and content for you.

The value your work holds is important. If there is no value, you will not be motivated.

4. Setup Mini Deadlines:

Be your critic and see how you perform.

Setup your mini-deadlines.

This little technique will guarantee productivity for you. Besides, working towards your deadlines will increase your efficiency in finishing a given task.

5. Notifications–Shut it off:

When you sit to work, at least for a few hours be in a ‘Strictly No-Distraction Zone’.

It guarantees you productive outcomes.

Plus, when you are not distracted by anything, you work efficiently.

6. Document your process:

Analyze your working style.

Identify your plus and minus with completing a task.

Documenting your work process helps in identifying the improvement-areas for you.

7. Prepare a Stop-Doing List:

You can easily identify things you don’t want to do or things that are stopping you from becoming productive.

Write them down.

Stick it or place it where you see it often, preferably in your workspace.

Remind yourself of it.

Become Efficient by Being Productive for "Un-Interrupted few Hours Everyday".