How can I use Digital Minimalism to improve my productivity?

In short, Digital Minimalism is:

  1. Technology and Internet-Applications should be used purposefully. Not habitually.
  2. Whenever we feel upset, bored, or distressed, we tend to open our internet and immerse ourselves in to get short-term relief. This is bad. Don’t use technology to get mental relief.
  3. Put people before technology.
  4. Digital minimalism is not about rejecting technology and its advancements. It is about using technology purposefully to make life easier but not make life depended on it.
  5. Digital minimalism is about “what digital, communicational, and technological tools add the most value to our lives and how optimal we can use it?”.
  6. Digital Minimalism is about clearing digital-noise that distracts your productivity.

How Digital Minimalism Boosts your Productivity?

a. Saves Time:

What happens when we see “Suggested stories” or “Top Stories”? We get dragged away easily from the core issue that we came looking for. Top tweets and posts will steal a considerable amount of your productive time away. But with digital minimalism, you will start using your digital-space for serving a useful purpose. You become productive by doing things that add value.

b. The clarity for Productivity:

By restricting yourself from distractions, you will become clear about what you want. This clarity helps you in picking the right track rather than absorbing everything on the digital platform. You will start using digital-space with purpose. This logic supports you in becoming productive with the time you have.

c. Health Perspective:

Needless to say, reduced screen-time, optimal screen-time is important for your physical and mental health. Staying fit is important for any individual to stay productive.


Initially, digital minimalism can be difficult to take in and practice. But people who have adopted it are proof of how they are doing more than others. Productivity increases when you start digital minimalism.