How to schedule your day and destroy procrastination?

Firstly, we do it procrastinate because we are lazy. We procrastinate because we are afraid.

We do it because we are afraid of:

• We think that our efforts are not enough.

• We’ll fail.

• We’ll succeed.

• We are not enough.

• If it won’t be perfect, then what’s the use?

There are many reasons though but here are some tips for scheduling your day which will help you to void procrastination:

First of all, set goals.

• Make a good schedule.

• Have some breaks in between which will refresh you in between the work.

• Prioritize your work.

• Reward yourself after every task.

• Make a short to-do list.

• Find a good workplace.

• Avoid distractions.

• Give some time to socialize. This will help you to remain fresh and full of energy.

Here are some tips which will help you to destroy procrastination. Give some time to yourself and take enough time to complete the task. Don’t afraid to take small steps as well as they can lead you to complete the whole task with confidence.



Nowadays, getting things done on time has become difficult. So we have got some easy tips for you which will help you to stop wasting time.

Tips to stop wasting time:

• Stay off the internet.

• Make a schedule.

• Stick to the task.

• Switch your social media accounts off.

• Do all the work in one device.

• Go slow.

Tips to get things done:

• Make a list of the work.

• Make your personal deadline.

• Try to do your work on time.

• Stay focused.

These are some tips which will help you to get things done. Follow these tips, and you will definitely productive more than before. It’s hard to initiate, but things will be easy if you follow these regularly. Self-control is the key to make these things as habits.

3 Ways to Remove the Cause of Procrastination


The root cause of procrastination is the fear of failure or success in life. But whatever might be the reason here are the 3 ways to beat them out of our life.

1. Move ahead in life:

Yes most of us procrastinate because we don’t want to move out from the fear of our failure in the past. Moving ahead in life without excuses will be helpful in taking us out of procrastination.

2. Stop being addicted to Social media:

This is the main reason these days for what not only the young generation but even the elders procrastinate their work. Stop it and start thinking about what will be profitable to you in the future and do something good rather than wasting your time on social media.

3. Good is enough if you did it with working hard:

There are so many of us who procrastinate things to do a thing much better and in the end, we have nothing. Don’t forget we are human so whatever you do; do it with your hard work. It’s not important always to do things with perfection, well is enough sometimes.