What can stop you from achieving goals?


These are the primary obstacles which you need to overcome first:

• DISTRACTION: Find your distractions. It can be surfing on the internet for a longer time, excessive music, and many more. List them and try to spend less time on it. Slowly you will start to minimize your distractions.

• EXPECTATIONS: Do not expect extra-ordinary. You will get the results if you consistently follow your work schedule and every other parameter. Don’t expect overnight results.

• EXCUSES: Stop giving excuses. Excuses always delay your work. Give your work your first priority.

• TAKING BIGGER STEPS: Always breakdown the things into smaller. Do not take any bigger steps. You may manage it for 1-2 times but it doesn’t work for a long time.

• FOCUSING ON THE END RESULT: The end result fascinates us but does not daydream about it. You need to walk the path for it. So make sure you work equally to achieve them.

How to set accomplish goals

How to set accomplish goals.png

1.) Evaluate your situation

Assessing your past and the present situation is key to setting goals tailored for you- what worked before? What didn't? Based on these, what do you want to improve on and achieve?

2.) Make it smarter

Your goals need to be:








3.) Write it down

Write down your goals to clarify and strengthen your intentions.

4.) Break it down

Break down your goals into small and manageable steps to overcome overwhelm.

5.) Hold yourself accountable

Hold yourself accountable by maintaining focus and discipline throughout your process.

6.) Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself will help reinforce the positive actions you've taken so you can continue doing it.

7.) Develop systems and habits

Effective systems and habits make it easier for you to accomplish your goals on a regular basis.