How stress affects your brain


Changes In The Structure Of The Brain

Apart from modifications in the functioning of the brain, the structure of the brain is also compromised. There are two types of matters in the brain, grey, and white. When the balance between these matters gets compromised, many complications can occur. These changes can be long-term; thus, the negative consequences can stay with you for a while. The neural networks are also affected along with the brain. This can also cause behavioral changes.

Shrinking Of The Brain

There are areas ion the brain that is responsible for the regulation of various human emotions. Excessive stress can shrink these areas of the brain. This can affect the regions that are responsible for instigating the thoughts of self-control in sudden life-altering moments. It can also cause short-term memory loss. This is one of the most dangerous effects of stress on the brain.

2 ways that stress affects your brain


Anxiety Disorders

When people are under chronic stress, they are more prone to panic and anxiety attacks. They produce fewer neurons than usually required. This can result in severe anxiety and a gap in the communication skills and compromised reaction time of a person. It can lead to extreme depression, and the person might require immediate medical attention to treat anxiety disorders. This is one of the most prominent psychological effects of stress.

Destruction Of The Brain Cells

Although it is a less known fact but stress is also responsible for killing neurons of the brain. The process of the formation of new brain cells can be severely affected. The cortisol level rises, and it can lead to severe aggression. This causes the destruction of the cells of the brain, thereby decreasing the survival duration of the cells.

Stress affects your brain : Mental Illness


Stress affects us in a variety of ways, and it is caused due to a wide variety of factors. It can be due to an impending deadline or family issues. No matter what the reason is, excessive stress is one of the leading reasons for different kinds of mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, sadness, mood swings, etc. When a person is mentally ill, he is not able to enjoy any activity to the fullest.

The brain is designed in a way that protects you from various threats. But when it is overloaded with stress, the functioning is compromised. It can also shrink the volume of the brain that can have a detrimental effect on the body.

5 surprising ways that stress affects your brain


The brain is the organ that is responsible to keep our body in a proper running condition. Severe stress can compromise the working of the brain. Let us take a look at 5 surprising ways that stress affects your brain.

1. Mental Illness

2. Anxiety Disorders

3. Changes In The Structure Of The Brain

4. Destruction Of The Brain Cells

5. Shrinking Of The Brain

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