Attitudes that changes you from a Procrastinator to a Productive Person:

Here are 5 positive self-statements that will change you from procrastinator to productive person. The ideas were suggested By “Dr. Neil Fiore” who authored the book “The Now Habit.”

Change “I have to “to “I chose to”:

By saying “I Have to” or “I Must”, you stage a compulsion mindset. It again fuels your procrastination. Try changing the attitude as “I Choose to.” It brings freedom and gives you control over your actions and choices. You will have an advantage over task-completion.

Change “I must finish” to “When can I start?”

Productive people don’t worry about end-results. They keep thinking about what to do next, whereas procrastinators stay with the “what if” questions. Procrastinators will get easily overwhelmed and discouraged when things didn’t go their way. Word choices like “Where can I start” or “When can I start” will help fix procrastinating-mindset.

Choose, “I can take one small step” instead of “This project is so big.”

Productive people will take steps, even if it’s small. But procrastinators will be overwhelmed and struggle to even begin.

Change “I must be perfect” to “I can be perfectly human.”

Procrastinators fear results, judgments, mistakes, and opinions. But productive people will learn to accept their mistakes and understand their limitations. They learn on the go even if they lack knowledge initially. Procrastinators stay expecting perfectionism, while productive people would have traveled half the distance. Change your attitude away from perfectionism. We are all humans prone to imperfections.

Move from “I don’t have time to play” to “I must take time to play”

Make time to stay fit, to eat healthily, and stay happy. Spending time for yourself with things you like makes you happy, increases your performance, and gives something to look forward to. Happy times will make you mentally tolerable in beating procrastination.