By being yourself


“No need to hurry. No need to sparkle. No need to be anybody but oneself”

- Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own

There’s a wonderful thing about being oneself. You get freedom. Honesty becomes a part of you. What you want in life becomes clearer. Recognizing your good and bad, flaws and perfections become easy.

By being oneself, there comes no need for acceptance, validation, inclusion or any other. The reason is, when you begin to search for validation and acceptance from outside, you lose a piece of your soul inside.

I use to admire some wonderful people who are themselves in spite of life’s happening. I never see a hurry in them. Being at peace comes easily to them.

Being oneself is what all life’s philosophies are about if you ask me. It’s the easiest and noblest thing you can do. Honoring oneself brings self-respect, peace, and value to your heart, mind, and soul altogether.

Ever seen how people are so genuine and humble that it makes us inspired instantly? It’s because they are happy being themselves.

Inspiration is different. But the intention to be somebody is different. If you like being somebody else, it means you find yourself insufficient.

Don’t give much pressure on yourself. To pretend and to fake can seem good for the time being. Once it comes out, people can lose their hope and trust they had on you.

Don’t lose good people in life by not being yourself. Life’s value lies in having good people around you. Being oneself is the best way to achieve it.

By being yourself, you show the world a chance to see who you are really. Let good people stay. Until then, no need to sparkle. No need to prove. No need to hurry. Just Be Yourself!

Do things to make your Present right


“Do what you need to and enjoy life as it happens”

- John Scalzi

Set aside all your success, failures, money and dreams for a while. Earth rotates. Life still happens. Happy people can see how life happens every day.

They do what they do and what they need to do. That’s it. Nothing more and nothing less! Why don’t we try it? For once, let’s clear our mind from all the worries, commitments, burdens and stress for the day.

We can see clearly how life blooms. The next thing we do is we plan life. Plans don’t work all the time. Life has its own terms and conditions that don’t fit with us all the time.

Let life happen. Go with the flow and see how peaceful life can be. At times, that is the only possible solution that you can use to solve life.

The part where we say ‘Do what you need to do’ covers everything in our life. It involves our work, our personal life, our dreams, and our goals. Do what you have to do to.

Work hard. Have Fun on the way. Celebrate even little things that bring you joy. Don’t stress over the results.

Do what you need to do with all your heart. Set the rest aside. Be in the present. Do things to make your ‘Present’ right. Let life happen.