“The Weak Can Never Forgive. Forgiveness is the Attribute of the strong”

- MK Gandhi

Do you think it’s easy to forgive? The answer will be a ‘No’. It’s not easy to forgive people and things that put us down.

That’s why forgiveness is considered a strong attribute in building a character. Only the strong can forgive. It sets them free. Weak can never forgive.

They hold on to it and suffer. Forgiveness comes when you want to move on in life instead of staying down.

Forgiveness comes when you value and respect the goodness of relationships instead of people who abuse it. It applies to personal as well as professional life.

Most importantly, people forgive to make themselves at peace. Once you start forgiving the negatives people did to you, your heart becomes peaceful and happy.

Forgiving people who did you wrong is the best punishment that you can give. It will not be easy. Practically, it’s too difficult to forgive. With time, you will learn to forgive.

By holding on to your negative-happenings, you can see how miserable life can be. Forgive! Forgiveness liberates your soul from emotions that try to bring you down.

Forgiving is for ‘yourself’ too. Forgive yourself when you have to. If you can forgive people, it means that you have the best power and great character that life can offer you. I don’t mean to let go of all things happened. Just, learn the lesson. Forgive and Don’t Forget.

Most importantly, Forgive people!

Forgive yourself when you have to!