How to Manage a Busy Schedule? 16 Tips and Techniques

1. Be an Early Bird:

An early start will relieve you from pressure. It gives enough time to plan for the busy day entirely.

2. Prioritize:

You can identify high-priority tasks. Plus, you will know what tasks can wait, though they may seem important.

3. Three Most Important/Urgent Tasks:

Pick the three most important tasks from your busy schedule. Complete them one by one.

4. Organize:

Starting with your dress to wear, office bag, meal plans, etc. plan everything the previous night. Keep them ready to save time.

5. Have Daily Schedules:

Adhere to it. It supports you in managing a busy day.

6. Know your limits:

You can only do a certain percentage of work productively per day. Come in terms with this fact.

7. Flexibility/Adaptability:

A busy schedule can also bring complications. So, be flexible and adaptable.

8. Master Schedule:

It helps in managing the busy week waiting for you.

9. Divide:

You can easily execute your tasks when they are in chunks.

10. Save Time:

Delegate tasks via Phone, Email, or Video Calls based if you can. Try saving time when there is a busy schedule to manage.

11. Delegate.

Delegate the work. Trust the process. Stop micromanaging it.

12. Deal with Distractions:

When you are trying to manage a busy schedule, identify what can distract you. Stay away.

13. Never Overcommit:

You can manage busy schedules. But, it will be difficult to manage over-committed works.

14. Go the extra mile. Only to a certain extent!

Don’t push yourself too hard.

15. Self-Time:

Shut the outside world for a while. Your ‘Alone Time’ can bring more focus to handle the busy schedule waiting for you.

16. Don’t multitask.

When there’s a busy schedule, people try to multitask. In reality, multitasking is a less-effective technique to follow.