The 90/90/1 Rule to Maximize your Productivity and Efficiency Explained

The 90/90/1 Rule for productivity is given by Robin Sharma, Bestselling Author of ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ and ‘The 5 AM Club’.

The Author Says:

“For the next 90 days, devote the first 90 minutes of your workday to the one best opportunity in your life. Nothing else. Zero distractions. Just get that project done. Period."

How this productivity technique works?

Before you sit to work, make sure no one disturbs you for the next ninety minutes, i.e., 3 hours.

Kindly let your employees or surroundings know that you have set to work and need Zero-disturbance from them.

Start the task/project/work that you need to do. It could be any work. For Ex: It could be researching, preparing presentations, studying, taking notes, writing codes, designing, etc.

For every sixty minutes, take a short break, say 10 minutes. Brief breaks are important.

Work till the ninety minutes are complete. With total focus and zero distractions, you can achieve more.

Work for 90 Minutes away from social media, news, notifications, Phone-calls, and other distractions.

Follow this same working-style/principle for the next ninety days. You can see maximized productivity and efficiency from you.

The Logic Behind this productivity technique is:

“Devoting at least half-an-hour with tight focus and zero-distractions everyday towards your passion project/work-to-do/task-to-do is proven to be giving highly productive results".
The author suggests that, When you Hardwire this 90/90/1 rule, it becomes a Neuro-Hack for productivity. The brain uses this style for increased productivity and efficiency.

If you find the 90/90/1 hard, you can alter it like:

30/30/1: For the Next 30 Days, Spend Thirty minutes every day towards 1 important task/project with total focus and zero-distractions.

45/45/1: For the Next 45 Days, Spend Forty-Five Minutes every day towards 1 important task/project with total-focus and zero-distractions.


Provide facilities: working can be fun and interesting when there are enough facilities. Workplace must-have the appliance of comfort for everyone. It helps them work efficiently.

Good quality illumination: some people find it hard to work in poor lights. So keep efficient amounts of lighting so that the staff or you find your work interesting.

Respect and care your staff as family, treating them as servants and workers is really a bad thing. Avoiding their feeling for work can lead your work in loss, so respect them, love, and respects is the best way to make people work with positive outputs.

Held meetings and guides your staff from time to time. It is not must every month but must be held whenever you think there is some requirement or needs.

Breaks required: it doesn’t mean the 20 minutes break, outings are what I mean here. Plan some trips on success, it will encourage your employees to work hard, and this will lead you toward good outcomes again and again.

Increase productivity and become highly efficient with these habits:
  1. Focus on the most important tasks first.
  2. Cultivate deep work.
  3. Keep a distraction list to stay focused.
  4. Use the Eisenhower Matrix to identify long-term priorities.
  5. Use the 80/20 rule.
  6. Break tasks into smaller pieces.
  7. Take breaks.
  8. Make fewer decisions.