Choose your Preferred Study techniques:

Follow Easy and effective Study techniques. They are good motivators for you to study. A repetitive way of studying could bore you easily and lose concentration. Instead, if you follow interesting study techniques you will be encouraged now and the next time too.

Good Study techniques would be:

  • Visualizing.
  • Drawing flow charts to understand the concept flow in the subject.
  • Taking hints.
  • Using mnemonics.
  • Picking one thing first to focus and study instead of gathering everything.
  • Using acronyms.
  • Mind mapping.
  • Using sticky notes. Write core concepts, formulas, principles, etc. and stick them wherever you need. The next time, just by looking at the sticky note you should understand what they have explained on that page or the whole chapter easily.
  • Taking notes your way.
  • Refer to good case studies, live examples, previous research works. It helps you visualize and understand the topics, concepts, and theories.
  • Doing Q&A sessions.
  • Read aloud. By simply reading to yourself, you can feel drowsy at times.
  • Use pictorial/diagram representations your way to understanding the theory.
  • Take a break if you feel lazy, drowsy or feel like stopping. You will lose focus if you continue. It’s okay to take a quick break now and then.
  • Listen to some music.

Pick the study technique that is easy for you. It persuades you to study.