How to become a Best Critical Thinker? 5 Qualities you need to Develop

1. Critical thinkers don’t overthink or under-think.

Critical thinking is like holding a scale or balance. Overthinking or under-thinking will lose that balance. People overthink out of anxiety, stress, fear, influences. And, Under-thinking can reflect someone’s arrogance, disinterest, or ego, etc.

Overthinking or Under-thinking, both cloud your judgments and blurs your focus on what is right. Top-quality of a critical thinker is, they practice balanced thinking.

2. They are good at situational-awareness:

Often, we get caught up in challenging situations in life. We forget the whole context and act based on what is before us. This could bring poor judgments, irrelevant solutions, and regrets. A critical thinker will be good at situational awareness. Besides any situations, critical thinkers will train themselves to handle it the right way.

3. They exercise emotional intelligence:

Critical thinkers are good at emotional intelligence. They know to control their tempers and reactions appropriately. They give space for others instead of expressing themselves. Critical thinkers will be good self-regulators. They will not need external things to guide what is right and what is wrong. They show empathy. They believe trust is the best way to understand others. There will be less drama and more function with critical thinkers.

4. Truth over Comfort:

Critical thinkers will appreciate the hard truth instead of comforting lies. You can hit them with the truth and it will not shake them. But they will never like to be in the hall of comforting lies.

5. You cannot always think critically:

Emotions can overpower Critical thinking sometimes. Don’t worry about it.


People are not born with critical thinking skills. It’s a series of practice and perfection. If you want to be a good critical thinker, you have 5 steps we mentioned here to consider.