What is important for goals-setting? Goals or Objectives?

Difference Between Goals & Objectives:

People often confuse between objectives and goals. What we don’t understand is, we need both goals and objectives to successfully execute the task and get the best outcomes.

Difference #1

Goal: Your goal becomes directions. Only with directions, you will know where to go.

Objective: Objectives are the exact process, steps, actions, and efforts you must take to travel and reach the goal.

Difference #2

Goal: Goals are general. They are like a destination or direction that says where you want to go. And, goals are also general intentions that you wish to have.

Objective: The objectives are by nature, very precise, sharp, specific, and actionable.

Difference #3

Goal: Goals can be Long-term, Short-term, and even Middle-term.

Objective: The objectives are small and require short-term actions. Also, they can be middle-term.

Difference #4

Goal: Goals are creative oriented.

Objective: Objects are concept-oriented i.e. they focus on how to do things and what strategies to use to finish the task.

Difference #5

Goal: Goals can help you with setting priorities, and decision makings. The goal can become inspirational and motivational. They can help in bringing out your talents and skills

Objective: Objectives are more specific and process-oriented. So it becomes easy to measure your progress. Meeting the objectives will bring a sense of achievement and confidence to start the next activity.

Difference #6

Goal: Goals is the road you want to travel.

Objective: Objectives are similar to the milestones in the road that is going to point you in the right direction if a goal.

Difference #7

Goal: Related question to a goal will be “What should be done”.

Objective: Related question with objectives go like “How it should be done” or “How it can be done”.

Difference #8

Goal: Your goals can have a broader scope in life

Objective: Objectives are usually narrow.


Goals and Objectives are important for goal-setting and goal-achieving.


Goals matter because they enable you to have the kind of future you want to have. They help to shape your life, provided a purpose, make you focused on achieving your dreams. Goals help you to keep track of your journey towards the destination. They continuously keep a check on your subconscious and remind you of your next step.

Goals make you commit something, make you promise yourself, challenge yourself. Of course, there would be sacrifices, but in the end, you will know that struggle feels good!


Goals and objectives are essential to keep us on the right path. Our life needs a purpose, and these two provide us with one.

If goals and objectives didn’t exist, our lives would have been meaningless, and there would be no place for us in a civilized society. Think of these two like a weighing scale or a see-saw where both are required to maintain the equilibrium.