Everyone knows that setting a goal is important. But the potential steps that must be taken to achieve them are unknown to half of the population in the world. Some tricks and tips help us to set our goals properly. These will help in the long run and work for any goals we wish to achieve.

  • Select achievable goals
  • Set an action plan
  • Weekly update
  • Stay flexible
  • Get up early morning
  • Go for quality, not doe quantity
  • Set deadlines
  • Progress is just as important as results
  • Be specific
  • Use the Five-A-Day rule for effective goal setting
  • Push yourself
  • Don't forget about self-care


Goals can be categorized into different lists. Setting this goals list allows you to organize and provide a proper structure to your goals. It helps you to keep track of and prioritize goals. It puts forth a clear set of actions that you can follow.