GIVE What you Can !


"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room on earth."
– Mohammad Ali

If you are looking for a happy, meaningful life, then remind yourself of these words. Give what you can. Help with what you can. This is a wonderful service that we can do on earth.

Let me remind the truth here. Earth is a place for everyone and not just for me. Earth is also a place where few people have what You and I have.

The noblest thing that You and I can do to make it better is by giving. Let’s give what we can with what we have. Even if it is little, help is help.

Here’s a simple thing. Planting a tree is a service that we can do that helps you and helps others. It’s a wonderful rent that you can pay for your room on earth.

You need not offer any big service. Just do what you can. Help is ‘Help’ no matter the size.

We often take everything for granted. We feel like we deserve the world. That’s fine. How about others who don’t have privilege like you? They deserve the world like us too, right? The best solution for it is to do things that we can and give what we can to make people’s life better.

Life becomes a meaningful circle when we give and help. Even if it’s the least possible service that we can do for others, let’s do it.

Giving is the wonderful rent that we all can pay for our room on earth!

You Feel Happy when You Give


Sometimes when I'm not feeling so happy, I do something to make someone else happy, then I find I'm suddenly feeling happy again.
– Karen Salmansohn

How to get through the day? Try to stay positive and happy! If you couldn’t, then do something for someone. You can see happiness coming inside.

Next time when you feel unhappy and demotivated, do a little task. Do some good for someone to make them happy. Try things like sending a thank-you note. Make a phone call. Send positive texts. Buy food to those who are in need. Help your colleague. Tend to the plants in your vicinity. Just whatever little positive gestures you could think of, do it. You don’t have to worry about not being happy. Just do it and you have already reached happiness.

The best way to lift your mood and bring happiness is by ‘giving’.

Make someone happy with what you could do. A smile is enough. Be the reason for someone’s happiness today.

Sometimes we don’t know what to do and we feel unhappy. We expect external things in resolving our unhappiness.

Let’s turn this thing around. Next time, if you are feeling unhappy, don’t wait for external factors to make you happy. Find someone who could use some help. Help them and see happiness in them. Happiness comes to you instantly.

Little positive gestures in life can turn a yearlong unhappiness into an instant burst of joy.

People are looking for positivity. Let’s contribute to it as much as we can.

The act of ‘Giving’ and showing Kindness is the best thing you could do to someone unhappy.

Give. Happiness comes ten folds.