Find a Routine, but Be Present


Everyone has a morning routine. The thing that makes difference is whether you go to work stress-free or just walk out the door worrying is how to go through the routines. Routines are not expected to be gone through without a thought.

Rather than using your routine as a crutch to get you up and moving in the morning, use it as a way to concentrate your mind. You shouldn’t significantly use your time with your morning coffee to tackle the day’s problems, though. Be present and find a middle ground.

Do you need a better morning routine?


Mornings are stressful. No matter how many hours you sleep, it looks like you are always still sleepy and tired when your alarm goes off. If you are one of them who spend some time checking your phone to see what you missed on social media while you were sleeping and see what emails have already started messing up your inbox.

You may not have the time to have breakfast, yet you generally overdose on caffeine. You rush to get ready, need to deal with traffic, and reach late at the workplace.

Then, your schedule for the rest of the day is managed by your overflowing inbox. You do not feel in control of your life. You feel like you are living out the desires others have set for you. You feel frantic, hurried, and you fight to complete any truly meaningful work. A bad morning can seize the rest of your day.

Does this sound common? If yes, then you need a better morning routine!