Which Type of Motivation is better?


Without a doubt, Intrinsic Motivation is the better one. The ones who are genuinely motivated have succeeded compared with others.

1. On the other hand, extrinsic motivation is not always bad. Reward programs, financial perks could help people do the work with even more enthusiasm.

2. One type of extrinsic motivation that we saw earlier is ‘Integrated Motivation.’ It could be an alternative when an intrinsic motivation fails or not possible.

3. To obtain the best results, sometimes external motivations could work.

4. For a long successful run, you need a self-encouraging intrinsic motivation.

5. When intrinsic motivation didn’t work out, you can still make people going by giving them the right reasons. The point is, with a little help, extrinsic motivation can also get work done for you here.

At last, you are the better judge of yourself. You know what works for you and whatnot.

I am sure that the types of motivation we discussed here will benefit you. It will help you identify the motivation scale that’s around us.

On that note,

Any type of Motivation should end up benefitting you and your values. That’s the core of how motivation works. If it’s not beneficial, not positive, and ethical, it’s better to step away from those motivating factors. Don’t matter if they are intrinsic or extrinsic. Sometimes, combining intrinsic and extrinsic could yield better results for you. In the end, you are the perfect judge.

6 Major Factors that Trigger Extrinsic Motivation


Let’s see what triggers and drives people toward Extrinsic Motivation.

1. Rewards:

The thought of getting the reward will drive people towards working on it. Even little rewards could motivate people to do better the next time. The reward is a great method of extrinsic motivation when used positively. It can show a good impact.

2. Money:

Financial perks, fancy allowances, bonuses, increments are few important mentions here. It motivates people.

3. Fear:

Fear is a great motivator. Especially when it comes to fear of losing, people are highly driven.

4. End Results:

When it comes to Extrinsic Type of Motivation, the nature of results plays an important role. Results can be in any form like punishments, a decline of personal regards, bad performance reviews, negative feedback, loss of control, poor outcomes, loss of trust, people’s opinions, disapproval, disconnect, etc. they all have a considerable impact over people.

5. Praise:

We can see people around us who do things or work for the sake of gaining attention, being in the limelight, and for the praise. They are extrinsic motivation factors we see every day right before our eyes.

6. Power:

The next in line for money is power. It’s a big extrinsic motivator. The feeling of exercising power, control, and management motivates people. When taken over a certain extent, Power Motivation is always an unproductive method. Exercising control and power in your own life and practices can lead to a better outcome.

These are the core categories that cover all external factors that trigger extrinsic motivation in people. The factors could either go straight or go sideways depending upon how you and I take it.

What Is Extrinsic Motivation?


Extrinsic Motivation is when you do things that are compelled, driven, and affected by external factors. An individual performs particular action or exhibits a behavior because the individual is affected by external factors.

I can explain the Extrinsic Motivation in two different scenarios for you.

For Instance, Take

Scenario 1:

On the inside, you might not be enjoying it. On the outside, you have no other way but to do the thing.

Ex: Studying.

You might not enjoy doing it. But, due to external factors like minimum percentage of grades needed, facing parents, facing peers, any rewards, any academic compulsions, or for getting more allowances, etc. you study.

Take Scenario 2

You know that it is good and beneficial to do. Still, you hesitate. You will not be motivated internally to do it. It takes some external factors to make you do it.

Ex: Getting into College

I understand that I want to get into college. I can realize that a college education is good. But, to study more and get high grades or scores can be demotivating or hesitant to do. Studying can be like a mountain to climb. Yet, for the sake of college education benefits, we pull ourselves together and do it.

I hope you find it easy to relate because you and I go through this phase every day in the life.

Examples of Extrinsic Motivation

Here are examples that explain what extrinsic motivation looks like for you.

1. You are studying because your parents have promised to give you some rewards.

2. You start exercising and do diets because you want to fit in a dress, look like your role model, or someone criticized you for the weight.

3. You take classes or go to classes for the sake of false ego, compulsion, or for any rewards. Internally, you will not enjoy doing it.

4. Choosing work that gives good financial stability, social status, work perks, and allowances. But in reality, you could hate the job you are doing. You could feel like this job is not taking you anywhere & yet you have to do it. For the sake of financial stability, you are motivating yourself to do the job you don’t like. It’s an extrinsic motivation type.

5. You buy books and stack to show off. You buy things to show off.

6. People do things to prove a social status. Inside, they could be struggling, or they don’t enjoy it.

7. Start things just to compete with people who are already doing it. It’s another way of extrinsic motivation.

8. You clean your room because your peers could get a bad opinion or your parents could give you some sort of punishment etc.

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis

What are the Types of Motivation?


Motivation, in itself, is a strong word when it comes to inspiring and making people do things. Concerning, ‘how you do things’ and ‘what makes you do the thing,’ motivations are categorized for you. To learn about the types of motivation will make things easier for you.

2 Main Type of Motivation:

Every kind of motivation you see, you experience or hear falls majorly under two categories.

They are:

  • Intrinsic Motivation
  • Extrinsic Motivation

In simple terms,

  • You ‘Do’ it because you like it. You ‘Do’ it for the Joy of Doing. It is what we call an Intrinsic Motivation.

  • You do it because you have to or someone or something is making you do it. This is what we call an Extrinsic Motivation.

Irrespective of other reasons, the main ideas that motivate people are the above two.