What is Intrinsic Motivation?


Intrinsic motivation is about doing things for the sake of internal rewards, self-appreciations, and natural interest. There is no need for external things to make people do what they do. Self-improvement and joy of doing things is another form of intrinsic motivation. People get motivated because they like it.

Similarly, People get motivated to impact people and situations around them positively. Either way, they do because they are inherently motivated.

Every emotion we experience is either triggered internally or eternally. So, here are some of the major factors, reasons, and characters that encourage a sense of self-motivation in people.

Examples of Intrinsic Motivation


If you enjoy what you do, you don’t need any motivation. People do it for the joy of doing it.

When it comes to intrinsic motivation, people inspire by two things:

1.) How good it feels to do it.


2.) How happy it makes them after doing it.

This is how intrinsic motivation works.

Here are some of the practical day to day examples based on Intrinsic Motivation.

1. Exercising to stay fit.

2. Choosing subjects that interest you.

3. Learning new things to gain knowledge.

4. Choosing a career that you like.

5. Playing sports that you like.

6. Taking classes on favorite subjects or hobbies or other related sorts.

7. Studying because you like it. Grades could be secondary here.

8. Buy Novels because of your Reading habits.

9. You start a blog because you like to write.

10. Starting your own business to express things that you like doing. Business is not about starting to compete. It is about starting for the joy of self-content it gives. Most importantly, it’s about trust in oneself.

11. Self-trust is the biggest form of intrinsic motivation.

12. You clean your room because you like to keep things tidy.