What a huge gap is there between the human tongue and his hands! Yes, it’s ironic yet the truth. Our action depicts our act and words depict our views and ideas. We all have seen many people advising others for a particular work. But does it mean that they really follow what they advise others? We find hardly anyone doing all that he said before. In short, words are not as much value as actions. Action always counts.


For instance, if a person wants to reach the zenith in a specific field, it is of no use to glance through the books or understand them. But to observe an expert's skills in that particular field and to practice it is much useful. In the moral sphere, also, an example is more influential than a precept. Just take the example of the training of children by their parents.

Children are keen observers. They notice the gulf between the speech of the elders and their actual demeanor between their words and deeds very quickly. Don’t you think that elders themselves disobey what they are saying? Honesty and loyalty teachings of a corrupt father to his son will have just remained as a lesson of futility.

This all means that words hardly cast any effect on a person, but action always acts effectively for one’s personality.