Mental discipline: If you prioritize your tasks which you wish to achieve during your life, you will gain mental discipline. When different goals and tasks attack you like honey bees, it will create mental anarchy. You have to channelize these priorities and remove the clutter to avoid confusion. You have to have the vision to do the things with set priorities.

Your priorities must be listed out in the order of importance of your tasks and goals.

Time Management: Priorities and time management have a close relationship. Set your priorities with deadlines to achieve your goals. If you act like this, you can manage your time effectively. If you can plan your work schedule and time schedule based on your priorities, success will embrace you without any hesitation.

If you cannot set your priorities properly, you will have to face a lot of tensions and stress in your life. You will be depressed and will not be able to concentrate on the task on hand. Unnecessary work will waste your time and mentally create havoc. Those who neglect priorities will always have to face the music of failure.