6 Emotional & Psychological Tips to Overcome Procrastination

1. Zeigarnik Effect for Procrastination:

The Zeigarnik effect is a psychological phenomenon.

Once you start a task, your brain remains alert until the task is finished no matter how many days have gone by. The brain will stay alert and keep reminding you that “You still have to finish the work”.

Start your work. Finish to whatever levels that you can. The Zeigarnik effect takes over. It keeps reminding you to finish the task despite your procrastination. People try Zeigarnik-Effect to overcome procrastination.

2. Pick Pearls from Rubies:

When you cannot decide “what to do first,” “where to give importance”, and “which task to pick first and execute” there comes procrastination.

This ‘Pick pearls from rubies’ is a simple trick. Both are precious, but White-Pearls standout from dark-rubies, right? The same goes here. Among multiple tasks, pick one that stands out, saying, “I am important. I cannot be postponed. Do it now.”

3. Avoid 3 Things:

Avoid “Fear of Failure,” “Fear of Judgements, negative feedback,” and “Perfection.” These three are the culprits taking away your productivity and making your procrastinate.

4. Dealing with time:

Time-consuming works can start procrastination. To overcome it, divide the tasks. Finish one or two tasks. It will motivate you to continue. By dividing and executing tasks, you will get some work done instead of procrastination.

5. Quick Rewards:

It’s a psychological fact. When rewards, appreciations, and recognitions are far away and not soon, people procrastinate. It can meddle with their motivation. Offer yourself some rewards for completing a task to overcome procrastination and mental-exhaustion.

6. Self-Compassion:

It’s psychologically accepted that “When an individual becomes unable to handle negative emotions, they begin procrastinating” without their knowledge. But, if they offer themselves ‘self-compassion,’ it induces positivities like motivation, self-worth, and optimism. Self-compassion helps in eliminating mental distress.