6 Tips for Effectively Managing your Time

1. You can only do as much as you can in a day:

Your first step towards effective time management is to not plan too many tasks for a day. Within the time frame of ‘morning till your working hours end’, plan tasks in the order of high value to low-value. Start from high-value tasks. Completing one or two high-value tasks is a success for the day. You don’t have all day, so don’t plan too much for the day!

2. The “Don’t Do It” List:

Distractions kill time. Here’s what we can do to overcome it. Prepare a “Don’t Do list”. In a sheet of paper write things that distract you and put a “Don’t” word before it. Ex: Don’t open Instagram till Break, Don’t turn on the social-media notification till 12 PM, etc. Place it where you can see them while working. It should bring your focus and zero time-waste while working.

3. Tried Waking up Early Morning?

Do it. Another effective way to manage your time is to wake up early. You will have plenty of time to plan for the day. Wake up early for one week and see how productive you can become. You will find more time on hand.

4. Overcome Procrastination:

Procrastination is the thief of time. Overcome it day by day. You will see your time managed effectively yielding productive results.

5. Peggy Duncan’s COPE Technique:

'COPE' Stands for:

Clear: Be clear about what you want to accomplish today.

Organized: Organize your goals in the high-low priority order.

Productive: Start with high-value tasks first.

Efficient: Work on finishing your goals.

6. Batch your tasks:

Going out? Complete all the outdoor-related tasks at that time. Checking your notifications? Then check your email too, and send necessary replies. Batching similar tasks manages your time effectively.