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Vietnam Mission Hero - Captain charlie plumb,



A great war hero of Vietnam. Fight much war for Vietnam.

One time when he goes to fight, his plane crash, but he still lives from this fight.

After a couple of years later, one time he goes to eat in a restaurant. One waiter come together and say,

"Sir, are you Vietnam Mission HERO, right?"

Charlie plumb answered," yes, but I Am not a hero, I am a fighter."

Waiter asked, "Sir, are you know me?"

Charlie Plumb replies, "I am sorry, but I don't know you."

The waiter said, "sir, I am the man who tied the parachute during your last flight."

Charlie Plumb stood up and hugged the waiter. He fed the waiter and thanked him, saying,

"Maybe it's because of you that I'm alive today."

Be thankful like that.

We never say Thank you to any kind of help.

Getting significant achievement, we never say thank you to a person who is work for you.

Never forget it. Be thankful

Maximizing Overall Success: Role of Effective Leadership

Discover the crucial role of effective leadership in maximizing overall success. Discover how your leader can empower and support your growth journey.

Becoming an exceptional leader requires honing specific skills, yet it also demands attention to numerous essential aspects.

A great leader possesses a clearly defined vision and demonstrates courage and honesty.

7 Essential Practices for Exceptional Leadership:

  • Recognition: Always express gratitude for the efforts of everyone on your team.

  • Encouragement: Provide continuous motivation to enhance productivity levels.

  • Clarity in Communication: Ensure clear, professional communication, coupled with a friendly demeanor.

  • Confidence in Team: Foster a culture of trust in your employees.

  • Empowerment: Equip your team members for success and inspire them to elevate their productivity.

  • Precision: Practice clear and straightforward guidance.

  • Collaboration: View your employees as partners in your endeavors.

Effective leaders embody integrity and humility, unafraid to recruit individuals who excel beyond themselves. By focusing on these principles, you can cultivate your leadership skills.

2 Ways to Build an Effective Team

2 ways to build an effective team.jpg

1. Give Emotional Confidence

Every team member should be valued and treated with respect. The emotional and mental wellness of individuals in the team should not be tested or provoked unnecessarily, and unwantedly. Another aspect of emotional confidence is to treat employees the same during their success and failure.

Team members should be able to discuss everything without being judged. Overall, make the team a good place to be if not the happiest place to be. This way, you can strengthen the team.

2. Everyone should be heard

The team is not just for Team-head or for one person. It is built from contributions by everyone working in the team. Look after everyone on the team. Set the stage where everyone is heard and recognized. The best strategy to strengthen the team is to recognize everyone. Listen to what others have to say or contribute.

3 Strategies for Strengthening the Team

3 Strategies For Strengthening The Team.jpg

1. Group Discussions

Group discussions are not just for projects and work. Have group discussions to openly converse about the positives and negatives of your team. Discuss what can be done to improvise the team’s performance.

Convey the difficulties prevailing in running the team or running with the team. Having team-meetings to discuss good and bad is one way to strengthen the team members. Good group discussions will give a chance to correct the mistakes, gather new ideas and appreciate the positives. Productive discussions every often will strengthen your team.

2. Trust

Trust will cement a team’s strength among all other strategies that we discuss here. A team has no strength if there are unresolved trust issues.

It can be with the team-head or among the team members. If there is no trust, there is no moving forward. Find strategies to build trust in a team. Eventually, you can see a good strength prevailing in the team.

3. Good Engagement System

A team should have a good engagement system. It should have trustworthy and friendly ways to express concerns, feedback, ideas, opinions and other confrontations. If there is no proper way for the team to express themselves, there will be no productive results.

Biased or bad engagement systems will make the team members lose trust and interest. A good engagement system, in turn, strengthens a team.

"The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -- Colin R. Davis

The Best Ways to Build Trust Within Your Team

The Best Ways To Build Trust Within Your Team.jpg

1. Building Trust Takes time

Most often, Building impeccable trust in a team takes time. The team will be filled with ‘like-minded’ as well as ‘difference-of-opinion’ people.

To co-ordinate everyone in one point called ‘Trust’ takes time. Meanwhile, make sure you adopt the strategies that we discuss here to build trust in the team.

2. Encourage Trust-Building Activities

Companies are encouraging their employees and teams to participate in team-building activities. Bring your team together to participate in team-building, character-building activities, and workshops. It helps the team members to coordinate and build trust in one another.

3. Respect

If team members feel like they are made irrelevant and not respected, everything you built so far can fall. No strategy will work if there’s no respect for one another. Self-respect and team respect are important. Respect your Team members and their values. It is an important way to build trust.

4. Sharing

Sharing is another way to show that the team can trust you. Openly sharing what’s going on will help team members realize the positives and negatives surrounding the team. Help and support between team members will increase. Develop a trusted-platform wherein team members don’t hesitate to share.

5. Give Emotional-Confidence

Making every member of the team feel ‘emotionally safe’ is important to build good trust in the team. Emotional safety ensures that their self-respect is intact and will not be hindered.

Emotional-confidence involves treating team members respectfully and positively through their good and bad times. Same way, emotional safety makes your team feel free of any kind of emotional aggravations.

What are the Strategies for Strengthening the Team?

What Are The Strategies For Strengthening The Team?.jpg

To reap the benefits of team-work, you need to strengthen the team skill-wise and interpersonal-wise. You need to work towards strengthening the team in every way possible to get the best results.

Strengthening the team comprehends tasks like enhancing interpersonal skills, developing good emotional intelligence, and improving every team member's overall qualities. As a result, you can have dynamic, good-willed individuals with great ethics and focus on the team. We have discussed important strategies for strengthening the team, which is easy to implement.

The 5 Strategies for Strengthening the Team includes:

    1. Group Discussions

    2. Trust

    3. Good Engagement System

    4. Give Emotional Confidence

    5. Everyone should be heard

    The 5 strategies to strengthen the team that we have shared are major ones. It involves strengthening the team at the interpersonal level. It is important. Skill comes next, but without good-spirited individuals, the team has no strength.

    How do you Build Trust within a Team?

    How Do You Build Trust Within A Team?.jpg

    If team building is a skill, then building team-trust is another essential skill to master. Everyone’s constantly working toward building trust in the team. Irrespective of the size of the organization, the Trust and Team should be strong and dynamic. If not, progress and success will remain latent.

    On the other hand, the organization which has excellent team-dynamics and impeccable trust-build will shine brighter. Through this article, let’s discuss the whole about building trust with your team. In addition, we have explained strategies for handling team members and other concerns in detail.

    How do you Build Trust within a Team?

    Building trust within a team is like the ‘cat-on-the-wall,’ but in a positive way, i.e., Just a simple act can gain goodwill and trust from the team, or it could take plenty of time to slowly build trust in your team.

    Either way, building trust involves certain personas that you should bring forward first. Only then you can expect your team members to reciprocate the trust. Being a Manager or Team-Leading person, you need to earn the Team’s Trust. Once the trust is gained, you will have no trouble in carrying things forward.

    20 Strategies to Build Trust in your Team

    20 Strategies To Build Trust In Your Team.jpg

    Building trust in your team is to be done in two ways. First, it is about earning the team’s trust. Being the one holding the team (can be team manager, lead, or head), team people's trust in your management, and as an individual is important. Secondly, it is about letting team members trust each other as they trust you. This is how you build trust in your team. It’s a two-way process.

    The following strategy applies to everyone to build team trust. They are:

    1. Discourage the Clique Culture:

    2. Bring Accountability

    3. Be Consistent in your Approaches

    4. Do Not Encourage or Allow Favoritisms

    5. Transparency

    6. Stop the habit of Blaming

    7. Don’t just see the Employee’s Triumphs

    8. Don’t pester your Team with Rules

    9. Spend Time with your Team Members

    10. Value your Team

    11. Have ‘Dependable’ Feedback System

    12. Admit your Mistakes

    13. Appreciation

    14. Uphold the Promises

    15. Be Honest

    16. Building Trust Takes time

    17. Encourage Trust-Building Activities

    18. Respect

    19. Sharing

    20. Give Emotional-Confidence

      The 20 strategies to build trust in a team are important to ensure team dynamics and team stability are maintained well.

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