We Have Only 'TODAY'. Let's 'BEGIN'


Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin. - Mother Teresa

Thinking about what to do and where to start? The answer is in your ‘today’.

Life holds us Down with two things; worrying about the past and fearing about the future. What good does it do other than toying with our emotions and hope? Nothing!

Start Today!

Our Past is already gone. The future is still somewhere out of sight. But the ‘present’ is here in our hands, visibly. Let’s do what we like to do today.

Your current is your present day. Want to start something new, do it today. Try it today. If you have dreams, take your first step.

We might have missed the past and we may not know what the future holds. One sure thing is, we have a present. Make it useful. Start doing things that you wish to do in your life. Give in to your best efforts. Dedicate yourself to the job you have in hand. Spread positivity. Don’t wait for tomorrow to solve the problems. Take today to resolve it.

Don’t bring the space for questions like ‘let’s do it tomorrow’, ‘Let’s begin tomorrow’, ‘I am waiting for the right time’ and sorts.

Get into action today. What’s there to lose?

Begin today. If it fails, try it again tomorrow from the lessons of today. If it succeeds, it means you have got it. Use it to better yourself tomorrow.

Whatever life holds, it all starts with what you are doing today.

The steps to your future depend upon what you are doing ‘Today’ and don’t forget it.

Start Today! Your ‘Today’ is the ladder for your tomorrow.