“In doing something, do it with love or never do it at all”
- Gandhi

Do what you like. Do it with love.

Do things you like and give your efforts out of your interest and not because of any compulsion or condition. This simple line has the biggest inspiration we all need.

You can also take it this way. Do it with all of your heart, or never do it at all.

Why such emphasis?

Things you do out of love and interest yield more happiness, content, and success. On the contrary, when you do things that you don’t love, it ends up making all your efforts go vain. When you do things that you don’t like or do it out of external factors, you don’t get the true success feeling.

It applies everywhere.

Want to help someone? Do it if you really mean it and love to do it. Else, the essence behind ‘helping.’ gets destroyed.

Want to achieve success in life? Do things that you like and do it with love and interest in it. If there is no passion, there are only poor results.

Don’t work on your dreams and goal if they don’t interest you or you don’t like them. In order to prove yourself to someone or something, don’t do things that you don’t like.

Want to pursue goals in life? Do it with the best of your efforts, and do it with love.

People succeed when there is dedication. People achieve the top when they do it with all of their heart.

Give all your best. Give all that you have and work. You will feel happy.

Do it with love or don’t do at all.