What should I do in my spare time that will greatly improve my life?

1. Science DIY’s

Science is a part of life. Maybe it looks hard on textbooks, but if you try to experiment with them, science will be the most interesting and engaging thing for you. Do science DIYs in your spare time. It’s easy. You can find SAFE science DIY’s on the internet and on YouTube for yourself to try.

Science DIY covers multiple fields including building a telescope from home on your own. Try interesting Science DIYs in your spare time. You not only spend your leisure time engagingly but you also improve your knowledge.

2. Books.

A book nurtures your thoughts. Books help in shaping an individual and develop a wonderful thought process. Wonderful books will be your teachers in a way by sparking something in you. There are many whose life changed after a book. Read different genres of books and not just novels. Books are the best ways to spend your spare time and also improve your life.

3. Learn new things:

You can learn a new language. Join an online class on subjects/topics that you are interested in and passionate about to learn. You can also prefer going out rather than learning everything from the internet. Learning unknown/unfamiliar things is like gathering a piece of vast knowledge spread across the universe.

4. Practice a Sport:

A sport is an excellent way to spend your leisure time. It improves your life by bringing discipline and making you commit to a routine.

5. Bankable Skills:

If you have skills and if you could bank it, then go for it. It’s another engaging and wonderful way to spend your spare time. And improve your life in different ways like earning some money, relieving your mental-stress, learning additional things, interacting with different people, etc. Few skills include cooking, photography, knowledge-sharing, etc.