Any direct communication will be each verbal and non-verbal even as indirect communication also can be verbal or non-verbal. Verbal communication will once more be direct or indirect and equally non-verbal communication also can be either direct or indirect. therefore as an example, there square measure four varieties of communication patterns in humans - verbal and direct, verbal and indirect, non-verbal and direct, non-verbal and indirect.

If you're unhappy and don't say therefore however imply indirectly, then you're victimization indirect ways to convey your state of mind.

Non-verbal communication is regarding victimization cues, facial or bodily expressions, visual communication, eye or hand movements, etc., to precise ideas. this will be quite direct like say, striking someone is very non-verbal however direct because it expresses anger even as crying represents sorrow. but non-verbal communication will be indirect like dodging your eyes from someone you are feeling uncomfortable with or maintaining prolonged eye contact with someone to convey a message.