There are four different types of communicating sources that we use in our daily life.

1. Verbal: it is the most used source in our daily life, in which we use our language by speaking to communicate with others. We can talk face to face with people or on phone calls using the verbal communication type.

2. Non-verbal: by non-verbal communication, we mean the body language. Yes, it is very important to have good body language. Sometimes can hurt others through our-verbal communication intentionally or unintentionally.

3. Writing: it is used generally used by us these days because we are in the century where social media is very much used. Writing communication has so many other sources as well such as books, blogs, letters which are changed into mails now, etc.

4. Visual: we can communicate visually by using photographs, drawing if we are good in arts, info-graphics, and graphs, etc. Visual communication is mostly used for advertising purposes.