Different meaning of priority and important


So many people get confused between these words, it is the most common question asked in any interviews. There is not much difference between them but still has a little. Here are a few different meaning of priority and important:


1. The term priority means something urgent that we need to take action on.

2. It means something we want to put on the top list in our life.

3. It generally relates in most cases with the business parts for people.

4. It means something is above all that has to be ahead of everything in someone’s life.

5.priorities are an assessment of the importance


1. It means something momentous in our life.

2.Another meaning that we can say for it is necessary for our life.

3. Something done as regular work is important but that doesn’t mean it has to be done, you have a choice.

4. You can combine the importance and urgency aspects when assessing priorities.