Productivity vs. Efficiency

We shall see what productivity and efficiency are through 5 concepts.

Concept 1:

Efficiency: Efficiency is how well, you use the resources and data given to you.

Productivity: Productivity is about the quality and quantity of outputs you produce with the help of these resources.

Better utilization of resources shows efficiency.

Better outcomes show Productivity.

Concept 2:

Efficiency: Efficiency is about finishing the tasks before you effectively. It could be with minimum effort or with limited resources or with little knowledge.

Productivity: Productivity is to identify the tasks, prioritizing it, and completing the important tasks first. And, later, you can carry on with other less-important works.

Efficiency is about completing the tasks.

Productivity is about identifying important tasks and finishing it well.

Efficiency does not mean productivity.

For example: You may be efficient in completing all the tasks. But those take should be less-relevant or no-importance for the current situation.

You become productive when you identify what is important and doing it instead of doing everything.

Concept 3:

Efficiency: Efficiency is about how well you are managing everything around you. It includes time, resources, schedules, planning, deadline, etc.

Productivity: Productivity is about how much output and value you are bringing through management.

Here, people could be efficient in managing things. But, they could be less-productive with overall results or outputs.

A person might be productive but cannot efficiently manage things around. They would look for help or any form of assistance.

Concept 4:

Efficiency: How you deal with individual tasks also shows efficiency.

Productivity: You can generalize productivity in terms of achieving the results and getting things done.

Concept 5:

Efficiency: It depends upon individual efforts. Despite difficulties, people Stay efficient.

Productivity: Different factors affect productivity. Challenges and difficulties can alter overall-productivity levels.

The takeaway here is in, Getting Efficient at Productive/Priority Tasks is important.