Have you ever asked yourself what success means to you? I know almost everyone has a very different definition of success in their life. Here I will tell what exactly must be the definition of success in everyone’s life. No matter what you want to achieve or want to be in life these seven things are must to be achieved.

They are self-esteem, energy, loving relationships, wealth, meaning, growth, and self-awareness. If I am not wrong you started thinking about it right now.

1. You must be confident in whatever you do.

2. You need good health to achieve your dream.

3. The relationship does matter and so success to you must mean a good relationship.

4. You must have wealth together with good health.

5. Have the meaning of your living.

6. Grow a step ahead every day, this is the real meaning of success.

7. Definition of success to you should be, your self-awareness, yes one must know what they do, why are they doing it, what is the benefit of it and what are the things they need to develop in themselves to get success in life.