What are Cognitive Thinking Skills?

What are Cognitive Thinking Skills?

Cognitive thinking skills are like the heart of all thinking skills. You read, learn, process, see, pay attention, remember, process new information, grasp, keep data, and process everything by cognitive thinking. Only with cognitive thinking skills, we see, understand, and look at the world as it is.

9 Characteristics of Cognitive Thinking Skills

Sustained Attention:

It is the ability to pay sustained attention over for a consistent period.

The longer you can pay attention, the better you become in understanding and keeping it in memory.

Response Inhibition:

It is your ability to stay focused and remain attentive despite what’s happening outside.

If you don’t respond to distractions often, it means, you have better ‘response inhibition’.

Information Processing Speed:

It is your ability to process additional information, existing information or incoming information quickly.

Cognitive Flexibility:

When you are in a place, you change your mind and become flexible about it.

For instance, you behave a certain way at interviews. You behave a certain way with friends. you switch mentally between these two scenarios. This is called cognitive flexibility.

Multiple Attention:

It involves successful multitasking. It requires speedy processing of information, attention, and good planning.

It is not possible all the time for everyone.

Working Memory:

You remember the instructions, procedures and the entire process long enough in your memory.

It should come to you even after a long time to perform the process correctly.

Category Formation:

It comes under the higher order thinking levels.

Category formation says your ability to process information and categorize them accordingly.

Pattern Recognition:

It is your ability to understand pattern, logics and meaning behind things you see, things you hear and with the work you do.

Audio/Visual Processing:

It is your ability to grasp and interpret the audio, video elements around you.