An Hour A Day To Make Your Life Better in 30 days

Spend 1 Hour a day for Physical-Wellness:

Do Exercising, Walking, Jog, Workouts, etc.

Spend that one hour every day to improving your physical well-being.

In a month, you can see positive changes.

Spend this one hour, preferably in the early morning hours.

Spend 1 Hour every day for Mental-Wellness:

Do things you like. For Ex: read books, listen to music, hobby, go out, meet friends, etc.

An hour daily to refresh yourself is important for mental well-being.

Depending upon your work, spend the hour in any part of the day.

Spend 1 Hour every day for improving your skill-set:

Improve your skills and put your talent to use.

Allocating 1 hour a day for these three important activities for thirty days will show big positive improvements in your life.

Here are a few examples to understand:

If you are a Student/College-Goer’s:

Spend 1 hour every day for studies, learning.

Apart from the time you spend on assignments/projects, with friends or other-tasks, spend one hour daily to learn subjects.

Or, if you don’t feel like studying, you can visit libraries.

Browse the internet related to your subjects. Know about successful people in your field-of-interest and see how they achieved.

Learn about innovations happening in your field-of-interest etc.

Or, try DIYs by browsing the internet related to your subject topics/concepts.

Learn something useful in that 1 hour related to your studies.

If you are a professional:

Spend 1 hour every day to improve your skill-set and talent. It should improve your knowledge-base and build your interpersonal skills.

Spend 1 Hour of full-focus to finish important tasks in your office.

Anyone irrespective of age or occupation can follow this.

Follow this principle. Doing useful things an hour a day for thirty days will improve your life tremendously.